Monkey (Rhesus) (Normal)-RhFPT

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RsFFT001 RsFFT001 Adipose $125.00
RsFFT002 RsFFT002 Adrenal $125.00
RsFFT003 RsFFT003 Appendix $125.00
RsFFT004 RsFFT004 Bladder $125.00
RsFFT005 RsFFT005 Blood Vessel: Artery $125.00
RsFFT006 RsFFT006 Blood Vessel: Vein $125.00
RsFFT007 RsFFT007 Brain $125.00
RsFFT008 RsFFT008 Brain basal ganglia $125.00
RsFFT009 RsFFT009 Brain cerebellum $125.00
RsFFT010 RsFFT010 Brain corpus callosum $125.00
RsFFT011 RsFFT011 Brain frontal lobe $125.00
RsFFT012 RsFFT012 Brain hippocampus $125.00
RsFFT013 RsFFT013 Brain occipital lobe $125.00
RsFFT014 RsFFT014 Brain parietal lobe $125.00
RsFFT015 RsFFT015 Brain precentral gyrus $125.00
RsFFT016 RsFFT016 Brain temporal lobe $125.00
RsFFT017 RsFFT017 Breast $125.00
RsFFT018 RsFFT018 Cecum $125.00
RsFFT019 RsFFT019 Colon $125.00
RsFFT020 RsFFT020 Colon Ascending $125.00
RsFFT021 RsFFT021 Colon descending $125.00
RsFFT022 RsFFT022 Colon Sigmoid $125.00
RsFFT023 RsFFT023 Colon Transverse $125.00
RsFFT024 RsFFT024 Diaphragm $125.00
RsFFT025 RsFFT025 Ductus Deferens $125.00
RsFFT026 RsFFT026 Duodenum $125.00
RsFFT027 RsFFT027 Epididymus $125.00
RsFFT028 RsFFT028 Esophagus $125.00
RsFFT029 RsFFT029 Fallopian Tube $125.00
RsFFT030 RsFFT030 Gallbladder $125.00
RsFFT031 RsFFT031 Greater Omentum $125.00
RsFFT032 RsFFT032 Heart $125.00
RsFFT033 RsFFT033 Heart: Pericardium $125.00
RsFFT034 RsFFT034 Kidney $125.00
RsFFT035 RsFFT035 Liver $125.00
RsFFT036 RsFFT036 Liver: Left Lobe $125.00
RsFFT037 RsFFT037 Liver: Right Lobe $125.00
RsFFT038 RsFFT038 Lung $125.00
RsFFT039 RsFFT039 Lung: Trachea $125.00
RsFFT040 RsFFT040 Lymph Node $125.00
RsFFT041 RsFFT041 Ovary $125.00
RsFFT042 RsFFT042 Pancreas $125.00
RsFFT043 RsFFT043 Parotid $125.00
RsFFT044 RsFFT044 Penis $125.00
RsFFT045 RsFFT045 Prostate $125.00
RsFFT046 RsFFT046 Rectum $125.00
RsFFT047 RsFFT047 Skeletal Muscle $125.00
RsFFT048 RsFFT048 Skin $125.00
RsFFT049 RsFFT049 Small Intestine $125.00
RsFFT050 RsFFT050 Small Intestine: Ileum $125.00
RsFFT051 RsFFT051 Small Intestine: Jejunum $125.00
RsFFT052 RsFFT052 Spinal Cord $125.00
RsFFT053 RsFFT053 Spleen $125.00
RsFFT054 RsFFT054 Stomach $125.00
RsFFT055 RsFFT055 Stomach: Cardia $125.00
RsFFT056 RsFFT056 Submaxillary gland $125.00
RsFFT057 RsFFT057 Testis $125.00
RsFFT058 RsFFT058 Thymus $125.00
RsFFT059 RsFFT059 Thyroid $125.00
RsFFT060 RsFFT060 Tongue $125.00
RsFFT061 RsFFT061 Tonsil $125.00
RsFFT062 RsFFT062 Ureter $125.00
RsFFT063 RsFFT063 Uterus $125.00
RsFFT064 RsFFT064 Uterus: Cervix $125.00
RsFFT065 RsFFT065 Vagina $125.00
RsFPT001 RsFPT001 Normal Rhesus Adrenal gland $125.00
RsFPT006 RsFPT006 Normal Rhesus Bladder $125.00
RsFPT011 RsFPT011 Normal Rhesus Cerebrum $125.00
RsFPT012 RsFPT012 Normal Rhesus striatum region $125.00
RsFPT013 RsFPT013 Temporal lobe $125.00
RsFPT014 RsFPT014 Frontal lobe $125.00
RsFPT015 RsFPT015 Occipital lobe $125.00
RsFPT016 RsFPT016 Cerebellum $125.00
RsFPT017 RsFPT017 Basal nucleus $125.00
RsFPT018 RsFPT018 Head of caudate nucleus $125.00
RsFPT019 RsFPT019 Thalamus $125.00
RsFPT020 RsFPT020 Midbrain $125.00
RsFPT021 RsFPT021 Normal Rhesus Pons $125.00
RsFPT026 RsFPT026 Normal Rhesus Medulla oblongata $125.00
RsFPT031 RsFPT031 Normal Rhesus Colon $125.00
RsFPT036 RsFPT036 Normal Rhesus Esophagus $125.00
RsFPT041 RsFPT041 Normal Rhesus Aorta $125.00
RsFPT046 RsFPT046 Normal Rhesus Kidney $125.00
RsFPT051 RsFPT051 Normal Rhesus Liver $125.00
RsFPT056 RsFPT056 Normal Rhesus Lung $125.00
RsFPT061 RsFPT061 Normal Rhesus Skin $125.00
RsFPT066 RsFPT066 Normal Rhesus Skeletal Muscle $125.00
RsFPT071 RsFPT071 Normal Rhesus Pancreas $125.00
RsFPT076 RsFPT076 Normal Rhesus Prostate $125.00
RsFPT081 RsFPT081 Normal Rhesus Small Intestine $125.00
RsFPT086 RsFPT086 Normal Rhesus Spleen $125.00
RsFPT091 RsFPT091 Normal Rhesus Stomach $125.00
RsFPT096 RsFPT096 Normal Rhesus Testis $125.00
RsFPT101 RsFPT101 Normal Rhesus Thyroid $125.00
RsFPT106 RsFPT106 Normal Rhesus Cervix $125.00
RsFPT111 RsFPT111 Normal Rhesus Trachea $125.00
RsFPT116 RsFPT116 Normal Rhesus Salivary gland $125.00
RsFPT121 RsFPT121 Normal Rhesus Lymph node $125.00
RsFPT126 RsFPT126 Normal Rhesus Peripheral nerve $125.00
RsFPT131 RsFPT131 Normal Rhesus Eye $125.00