Human Benign Lesions-HuDAT

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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price(5 Sildes)
HuDAT001 Varicose vein of great saphenous vein Great saphenous vein $125.00
HuDAT006 Varicose vein Vein of lower limb $125.00
HuDAT012 Fibromatosis of breast Breast $125.00
HuDAT013 Fibromatosis of breast Breast $125.00
HuDAT016 Nephritis Kidney $125.00
HuDAT017 Nephritis of renal glomerulus Renal glomerulus $125.00
HuDAT026 Fibromatosis of abdomen Abdomen $125.00
HuDAT027 Fibromatosis of abdomen Abdominal wall $125.00
HuDAT028 Condyloma acuminatum of vulva Vulva $125.00
HuDAT029 Condyloma acuminatum of vulva Vulva $125.00
HuDAT031 Chronic colitis Colon $125.00
HuDAT032 Ulcerative colitis Colon $225.00
HuDAT033 Condyloma acuminatum Perineum $125.00
HuDAT034 Condyloma acuminatum Vulva $125.00
HuDAT036 Gastric ulcer Stomach $125.00
HuDAT037 Eosinophilic granuloma Small intestine $125.00
HuDAT048 Fibroadenoma Breast $125.00
HuDAT068 Sclerosing adenosis Breast $125.00
HuDAT072 Adenosis with focal ductal epithelium hyperplasia Breast $125.00
HuDAT073 Atypical lobular hyperplasia Breast $125.00
HuDAT079 Lobular hyperplasia without atypia Breast $125.00
HuDAT083 Duct papilloma Breast $125.00
HuDAT085 Adenosis Breast $125.00
HuDAT089 Eosinophilic granuloma including eosinophilic granulocyte Small intestine $125.00
HuDAT095 Chronic inflammation of gallbladder Gallbladder $125.00
HuDAT143 Basal cell hyperplasia Prostate $125.00
HuDAT145 Nodular hyperplasia Prostate $125.00
HuDAT160 Mucinous cystadenoma Ovary $125.00
HuDAT161 Borderline seropapillary cystadenoma Ovary $125.00
HuDAT170 Villous adenoma with focal severe atypical hyperplasia Colon $125.00
HuDAT171 Crohn disease Colon $225.00
HuDAT172 Crohn disease Colon $225.00
HuDAT173 Crohn disease Small intestine $225.00
HuDAT174 Adenomas polyps Colon $125.00
HuDAT175 Tubular Adenoma Colon $125.00
HuDAT176 Hyperplastic polyp Colon $125.00
HuDAT177 Polyp Colon $125.00
HuDAT180 Barrett's esophagus Esophagus $225.00
HuDAT181 Hyperplastic polyps of colon Colon $125.00
HuDAT182 Hyperplastic polyps of colon Colon $125.00
HuDAT183 Tubular adenoma Colon $125.00
HuDAT184 Tubular papillary adenoma Colon $125.00
HuDAT185 Villous adenoma Colon $125.00
HuDAT186 Villous tubular adenoma Colon $125.00
HuDAT187 Villous tubular adenoma Colon $125.00
HuDAT188 Chronic tonsillitis Tonsils $125.00
HuDAT190 Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease Liver $225.00
HuDAT197 Eosinophilic granuloma including eosinophilic granulocyte Small intestine $125.00
HuDAT198 Neutrophil including eosinophilic granulocyte Spleen $125.00
HuDAT199 Congestion including eosinophilic granulocyte Spleen $125.00
HuDAT200 Intradermal melanocytic nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT201 Combined nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT202 Intradermal melanocytic nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT203 Compound melanocytic nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT204 Intradermal melanocytic nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT205 Congenital melanocytic nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT206 Junctional melanocytic nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT207 Combined nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT208 Congenital melanocytic nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT209 Combined nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT210 Compound melanocytic nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT211 Intradermal melanocytic nevus Skin $225.00
HuDAT216 Papillary pituitary adenoma Pituitary $125.00
HuDAT220 Aortal atherosclerosis Aorta $225.00
HuDAT225 Chronic inflammation Bladder $125.00