Frozen Tissue Sections

    Frozen Tissue Slides are perfect candidates for localization of cellular protein, DNA or RNA. The tissues were excised, immediately frozen by liquid nitrogen and then stored in -80°C. All the tissues are pathologically identified. Tissue sections with 5-10 um thickness are mounted on a positively charged (most of them are Fisher SuperFrost) glass slide. The slide is fixed and dehydrated with cold acetone (briefly fixed at -20°C) for consistent results with in situ hybridization (ISH) and immunohistochemistry (IHC).

  • Vast types and species of tissues
  • Suitable for both in situ hybridization (ISH) and immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Cellular localization of mRNA and protein expression
  • Identification specific genes, proteins of tumor and disease by in situ hybridization (ISH) and immunohistochemistry staining (IHC)
  • Comparison of the locations of novel genes in different tissues or species

US Biomax fresh frozen tissue section line has a large selection of tissue sections of varieties of species which are especially suited for IHC and ISH studies. It includes human adult, human diseased and tumor tissues, monkey and other animal tissues. The tissue sections are approximately 5-10 um thick. All the tissues are diagnosed by a licensed pathologist.

Storage Conditions

Store fresh frozen tissue section slides at -70°C

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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price(5 Sildes)
CyFTS001 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Eye (5 SLIDES/PACK) Eye $300.00
CyFTS005 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Adrenal Gland (5 SLIDES/PACK) Adrenal Gland $300.00
CyFTS006 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Appendix (5 SLIDES/PACK) Appendix $300.00
CyFTS011 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Bladder (5 SLIDES/PACK) Bladder $300.00
CyFTS016 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Blood Vessel: Artery (5 SLIDES/PACK) Blood vessel: Artery $300.00
CyFTS021 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Blood Vessel: Vein (5 SLIDES/PACK) Blood Vessel: Vein $300.00
CyFTS026 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Brain (5 SLIDES/PACK) Brain $300.00
CyFTS027 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Brain: Cerebrum (5 SLIDES/PACK) Brain: Cerebrum $300.00
CyFTS028 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Brain: Pontine (5 SLIDES/PACK) Brain: Pontine $300.00
CyFTS029 Frozen Brain: Medulla Oblongata (5 SLIDES/PACK) Brain: Medulla Oblongata $300.00
CyFTS030 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Brain: Cerebellum (5 SLIDES/PACK) Brain: Cerebellum $300.00
CyFTS031 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Breast (5 SLIDES/PACK) Breast $300.00
CyFTS041 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Colon (5 SLIDES/PACK) Colon $300.00
CyFTS046 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Colon Ascending (5 SLIDES/PACK) Colon ascending $300.00
CyFTS051 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Colon descending (5 SLIDES/PACK) Colon descending $300.00
CyFTS056 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Colon Sigmoid (5 SLIDES/PACK) Colon sigmoid $300.00
CyFTS061 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Colon Transverse (5 SLIDES/PACK) Colon transverse $300.00
CyFTS071 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Ductus Deferens (5 SLIDES/PACK) Ductus deferens $300.00
CyFTS076 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Duodenum (5 SLIDES/PACK) Duodenum $300.00
CyFTS086 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Esophagus (5 SLIDES/PACK) Esophagus $300.00
CyFTS087 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Eye: Lacrimal Gland (5 SLIDES/PACK) Eye: Lacrimal Gland $300.00
CyFTS091 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Fallopian Tube (5 SLIDES/PACK) Fallopian Tube $300.00
CyFTS096 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Gallbladder (5 SLIDES/PACK) Gallbladder $300.00
CyFTS101 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Heart (5 SLIDES/PACK) Heart $300.00
CyFTS106 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Heart: Pericardium (5 SLIDES/PACK) Heart: Pericardium $300.00
CyFTS111 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Kidney (5 SLIDES/PACK) Kidney $300.00
CyFTS115 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Larynx (5 SLIDES/PACK) Larynx $300.00
CyFTS116 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Liver (5 SLIDES/PACK) Liver $300.00
CyFTS131 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Lung (5 SLIDES/PACK) Lung $300.00
CyFTS135 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Lymph Node (5 SLIDES/PACK) Lymph Node $300.00
CyFTS141 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Ovary (5 SLIDES/PACK) Ovary $300.00
CyFTS146 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Pancreas (5 SLIDES/PACK) Pancreas $300.00
CyFTS147 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Pancreas: Head (5 SLIDES/PACK) Pancreas: Head $300.00
CyFTS148 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Pancreas: Middle (5 SLIDES/PACK) Pancreas: Middle $300.00
CyFTS149 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Pancreas: Tail (5 SLIDES/PACK) Pancreas: Tail $300.00
CyFTS151 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Parotid (5 SLIDES/PACK) Parotid $300.00
CyFTS155 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Peripheral Nerve (5 SLIDES/PACK) Peripheral Nerve $300.00
CyFTS156 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Penis (5 SLIDES/PACK) Penis $300.00
CyFTS157 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Pituitary Gland (5 SLIDES/PACK) Pituitary Gland $300.00
CyFTS161 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Prostate (5 SLIDES/PACK) Prostate $300.00
CyFTS166 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Rectum (5 SLIDES/PACK) Rectum $300.00
CyFTS168 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Seminal Vesicle (5 SLIDES/PACK) Seminal Vesicle $300.00
CyFTS171 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Skeletal Muscle (5 SLIDES/PACK) Skeletal Muscle $300.00
CyFTS176 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Skin (5 SLIDES/PACK) Skin $300.00
CyFTS181 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Small Intestine (5 SLIDES/PACK) Small intestine $300.00
CyFTS186 Frozen Small Intestine: Ileum (5 SLIDES/PACK) Small intestine: Ileum $300.00
CyFTS191 Frozen Small Intestine: Jejunum (5 SLIDES/PACK) Small intestine: Jejunum $300.00
CyFTS196 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Spinal Cord (5 SLIDES/PACK) Spinal cord $300.00
CyFTS201 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Spleen (5 SLIDES/PACK) Spleen $300.00
CyFTS206 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Stomach (5 SLIDES/PACK) Stomach $300.00
CyFTS211 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Stomach: Cardia (5 SLIDES/PACK) Stomach: Cardia $300.00
CyFTS216 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Submaxillary Gland (5 SLIDES/PACK) Submaxillary gland $300.00
CyFTS221 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Testis (5 SLIDES/PACK) Testis $300.00
CyFTS226 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Thymus (5 SLIDES/PACK) Thymus $300.00
CyFTS231 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Thyroid (5 SLIDES/PACK) Thyroid $300.00
CyFTS236 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Tongue (5 SLIDES/PACK) Tongue $300.00
CyFTS237 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Tonsil (5 SLIDES/PACK) Tonsil $300.00
CyFTS241 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Ureter (5 SLIDES/PACK) Ureter $300.00
CyFTS246 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Uterus (5 SLIDES/PACK) Uterus $300.00
CyFTS251 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Uterus: Cervix (5 SLIDES/PACK) Uterus: Cervix $300.00
CyFTS256 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Vagina (5 SLIDES/PACK) Vagina $300.00
CyFTS261 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Placenta (5 SLIDES/PACK) Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Placenta $300.00
HuFFN004 Frozen Human Fetal Normal:Thymus (5 SLIDES/PACK) Thymus $300.00
HuFFN006 Frozen Human Fetal Normal: Brain (5 SLIDES/PACK) Brain $300.00
HuFFN010 Frozen Human Fetal Normal: Skin (5 SLIDES/PACK) Skin $300.00
HuFFN015 Frozen Human Fetal Normal: Liver (5 SLIDES/PACK) Liver $300.00
HuFFN020 Frozen Human Fetal Normal: Kidney (5 SLIDES/PACK) Kidney $300.00
HuFFN040 Frozen Human Fetal Normal: Lung (5 SLIDES/PACK) Lung $300.00
HuFFN055 Frozen Human Fetal Normal: Skeletal muscles (5 SLIDES/PACK) Skeletal muscles $300.00
HuFTS006 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Adrenal (5 SLIDES/PACK) Adrenal $300.00
HuFTS016 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Bladder (5 SLIDES/PACK) Bladder $300.00
HuFTS031 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Brain (5 SLIDES/PACK) Brain $300.00
HuFTS041 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Brain: Cerebellum (5 SLIDES/PACK) Brain: Cerebellum $300.00
HuFTS076 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Brain: Frontal Lobe (5 SLIDES/PACK) Brain: Frontal Lobe $300.00
HuFTS151 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Breast (5 SLIDES/PACK) Breast $300.00
HuFTS156 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Colon (5 SLIDES/PACK) Colon $300.00
HuFTS176 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Esophagus (5 SLIDES/PACK) Esophagus $300.00
HuFTS181 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Gallbladder (5 SLIDES/PACK) Gallbladder $300.00
HuFTS241 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Kidney (5 SLIDES/PACK) Kidney $300.00
HuFTS246 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Liver (5 SLIDES/PACK) Liver $300.00
HuFTS251 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Lung (5 SLIDES/PACK) Lung $300.00
HuFTS261 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Lymph Node (5 SLIDES/PACK) Lymph node $300.00
HuFTS266 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Ovary (5 SLIDES/PACK) Ovary $300.00
HuFTS271 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Pancreas (5 SLIDES/PACK) Pancreas $300.00
HuFTS281 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Parotid (5 SLIDES/PACK) Parotid $300.00
HuFTS291 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Placenta (5 SLIDES/PACK) Placenta $300.00
HuFTS296 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Prostate (5 SLIDES/PACK) Prostate $300.00
HuFTS301 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Rectum (5 SLIDES/PACK) Rectum $300.00
HuFTS311 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Skeletal Muscle (5 SLIDES/PACK) Skeletal Muscle $300.00
HuFTS316 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Skin (5 SLIDES/PACK) Skin $300.00
HuFTS321 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Small Intestine (5 SLIDES/PACK) Small intestine $300.00
HuFTS326 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Spinal Cord (5 SLIDES/PACK) Spinal cord $300.00
HuFTS331 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Spleen (5 SLIDES/PACK) Spleen $300.00
HuFTS336 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Stomach (5 SLIDES/PACK) Stomach $300.00
HuFTS346 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Testis (5 SLIDES/PACK) Testis $300.00
HuFTS361 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Vagina (5 SLIDES/PACK) Vagina $300.00
HuFTS365 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Cervix (5 SLIDES/PACK) Cervix $300.00
HuFTS372 Frozen Human Adult Normal:Lingual tonsil (5 SLIDES/PACK) Lingual tonsil $300.00
HuFTU001 Frozen Human Tumor: Adrenal (5 SLIDES/PACK) Adrenal $400.00
HuFTU006 Frozen Human Tumor: Bladder (5 SLIDES/PACK) Bladder $400.00