Whole Tissue Sections

    Formalin fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) whole tissue sections are ideal candidates for localizing DNA, RNA and protein markers. The tissues were fixed by formalin less than 48 hours, and then processed and sectioned. Two tissue sections with 5 µm (micro, micrometer) thickness are mounted on a SuperFrost Plus glass slide. US Biomax, Inc. paraffin tissue section is suitable for detection of genes and proteins expression in specific tissues of different species.

  • Variety of tissue types and species
  • Suitable for both immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH)
  • 2 whole tissue sections per slide
  • Localization of mRNA and protein
  • Identification of tumor markers and disease specific genes
  • Detection of novel genes and protein markers

Our paraffin tissue section product line has a large selection of slides of tissue sections from our tissue bank. It includes human adult and fetal normal tissues, human diseased and tumor tissues and monkey tissues. The tissue sections are approximately 5 µm thick. All the tissues are diagnosed by a licensed pathologist.

Storage Conditions

Store paraffin tissue sections at room temperature or 4°C

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HuFDT005 HuFDT005 Frozen Arteriosclerosis Aorta $1,875.00
HuFDT014 HuFDT014 Frozen Emphysema: Lung (previous cat#: HuFLD006) $400.00
CyFTS016 CyFTS016 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Blood Vessel: Artery $300.00
CyFTS056 CyFTS056 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Colon Sigmoid $300.00
CyFTS096 CyFTS096 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Gallbladder $300.00
CyFTS136 CyFTS136 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Lung: Trachea $300.00
CyFTS176 CyFTS176 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Skin $300.00
CyFTS216 CyFTS216 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Submaxillary Gland $300.00
CyFTS256 CyFTS256 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Vagina $300.00
MoFTS036 MoFTS036 Frozen Mouse Normal: Pancreas $300.00
CyFTS157 CyFTS157 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Pituitary Gland $300.00
CyFPT036 CyFPT036 Cynomolgus Monkey: Skin $125.00
HuFTS066 HuFTS066 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Brain: Corpus Callosum $300.00
HuFDT006 HuFDT006 Frozen Arteriosclerosis Artery $1,875.00
HuFDT015 HuFDT015 Frozen Bronchitis: Lung (previous cat#: HuFLD016) $400.00
CyFTS021 CyFTS021 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Blood Vessel: Vein $300.00
CyFTS061 CyFTS061 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Colon Transverse $300.00
CyFTS101 CyFTS101 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Heart $300.00
CyFTS141 CyFTS141 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Ovary $300.00
CyFTS221 CyFTS221 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Testis $300.00
MoFTS051 MoFTS051 Frozen Mouse Normal: Spleen $300.00
HuFTS076 HuFTS076 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Brain: Frontal Lobe $300.00
HuFTS306 HuFTS306 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Retina $400.00
HuFDT008 HuFDT008 Frozen Congestive Heart Failure: Heart $650.00
HuFDT016 HuFDT016 Frozen Pneumonia: Lung (previous cat#: HuFLD021) $400.00
CyFTS026 CyFTS026 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Brain $300.00
CyFTS066 CyFTS066 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Diaphragm $300.00
CyFTS106 CyFTS106 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Heart: Pericardium $300.00
CyFTS146 CyFTS146 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Pancreas $300.00
CyFTS186 CyFTS186 Frozen Small Intestine: Ileum $300.00
CyFTS226 CyFTS226 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Thymus $300.00
HuFTS311 HuFTS311 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Skeletal Muscle $300.00
HuFDT009 HuFDT009 Frozen Arrhythmia infarct: Heart Ventricle right $400.00
HuFDT017 HuFDT017 Frozen Alzheimer's Disease: Brain $400.00
CyFTS031 CyFTS031 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Breast $300.00
CyFTS071 CyFTS071 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Ductus Deferens $300.00
CyFTS151 CyFTS151 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Parotid $300.00
CyFTS191 CyFTS191 Frozen Small Intestine: Jejunum $300.00
CyFTS231 CyFTS231 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Thyroid $300.00
BoFTS051 BoFTS051 Frozen Bovine Normal Tissue: Stomach $300.00
HuFPT019 HuFPT019 Normal brain $125.00
HuFDT001 HuFDT001 Frozen Diabetic Disease: Eye (previous cat#: HuFDD041) $550.00
HuFDT010 HuFDT010 Frozen hypertension: Kidney (previous cat#: HuFHD101) $400.00
HuFDT021 HuFDT021 Frozen Multiple Sclerosis Disease: Brain: Thalamus $400.00
CyFTS036 CyFTS036 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Cecum $300.00
CyFTS076 CyFTS076 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Duodenum $300.00
CyFTS116 CyFTS116 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Liver $300.00
CyFTS156 CyFTS156 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Penis $300.00
CyFTS196 CyFTS196 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Spinal Cord $300.00
CyFTS236 CyFTS236 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Tongue $300.00
MoFTS016 MoFTS016 Frozen Mouse Normal: Heart $300.00
BoFTS056 BoFTS056 Frozen Bovine Normal Tissue: Uterus: Cervix $300.00
RtFTS036 RtFTS036 Frozen Rat Normal: Placenta $300.00
HuFDT002 HuFDT002 Frozen Diabetic Disease: Kidney (previous cat#: HuFDD051) $400.00
HuFDT011 HuFDT011 Frozen hypertension: Vein (previous cat#: HuFHD106) $400.00
HuFDT022 HuFDT022 Frozen Parkinson's Disease: Brain $400.00
CyFTS001 CyFTS001 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Adipose $300.00
CyFTS081 CyFTS081 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Epididymus $300.00
CyFTS121 CyFTS121 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Liver: Left Lobe $300.00
CyFTS161 CyFTS161 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Prostate $300.00
CyFTS201 CyFTS201 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Spleen $300.00
CyFTS241 CyFTS241 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Ureter $300.00
MoFTS021 MoFTS021 Frozen Mouse Normal: Kidney $300.00
HuFDT007 HuFDT007 Frozen hypertension: Heart (previous Cat#: HuFHD031) $650.00
RtFTS001 RtFTS001 Frozen Rat Normal: Adipose $300.00
HuFDT003 HuFDT003 Frozen Human Fetal Normal: Bladder $300.00
HuFDT012 HuFDT012 Frozen Liver Cirrhosis: Liver (previous cat#: HuFLC051) $400.00
CyFTS046 CyFTS046 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Colon Ascending $300.00
CyFTS086 CyFTS086 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Esophagus $300.00
CyFTS126 CyFTS126 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Liver: Right Lobe $300.00
CyFTS166 CyFTS166 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Rectum $300.00
CyFTS206 CyFTS206 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Stomach $300.00
CyFTS246 CyFTS246 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Uterus $300.00
MoFTS026 MoFTS026 Frozen Mouse Normal: Liver $300.00
HuFTS031 HuFTS031 Frozen Human Adult Normal: Brain $300.00
HuFDT004 HuFDT004 Frozen Human Fetal Normal: Thymus $300.00
HuFDT013 HuFDT013 Frozen Asthma: Lung (previous cat#: HuFLD001) $400.00
CyFTS011 CyFTS011 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Bladder $300.00
CyFTS051 CyFTS051 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Colon descending $300.00
CyFTS091 CyFTS091 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Fallopian Tube $300.00
CyFTS131 CyFTS131 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Lung $300.00
CyFTS171 CyFTS171 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Skeletal Muscle $300.00
CyFTS211 CyFTS211 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Stomach: Cardia $300.00
CyFTS251 CyFTS251 Frozen Monkey (Cynomolgus) Normal: Uterus: Cervix $300.00
MoFTS031 MoFTS031 Frozen Mouse Normal: Lung $300.00
RsFFT001 RsFFT001 Adipose $125.00
RsFFT009 RsFFT009 Brain cerebellum $125.00
RsFFT017 RsFFT017 Breast $125.00
RsFFT025 RsFFT025 Ductus Deferens $125.00
RsFFT033 RsFFT033 Heart: Pericardium $125.00
RsFFT041 RsFFT041 Ovary $125.00
RsFFT049 RsFFT049 Small Intestine $125.00
RsFFT057 RsFFT057 Testis $125.00
RsFFT065 RsFFT065 Vagina $125.00
HuFPT021 HuFPT021 Normal Human Pons-oblongata $125.00
HuFPT061 HuFPT061 Normal Human Right ventricle $125.00
HuFPT077 HuFPT077 Normal Human Head of pancreas $125.00
HuFPT096 HuFPT096 Normal Human Uterus $125.00
HuFPT136 HuFPT136 Normal Human Skin $125.00
RsFPT011 RsFPT011 Normal Rhesus Cerebrum $125.00

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