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    Our tissue repository, tissue bank contains more than 600,000 paraffin tissue blocks, a large selection of tissue section slides of human cancer, normal tissue and rhesus normal fresh frozen tissue as well as paraffin blocks and slides. We also provide custom tissue array, microarray OEM services. Please contact [email protected] for further information. These is no need to purchase the whole custom array block. The minimum order is 20 slides at our regular price ($195 - $225/slide). There is no setup fee, sample fee or any other cost involved. Why is it so simple and cheap? Because we figured that there is a need for a customer to make a custom array. The custom array will become our pre-made product later on. One such example is LC1001.
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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price
Vey030011E Leucoma of left eyeball Scleral staphyloma of left eys Inquiry
Vey030013B Low malignant basal cell carcinoma of left orbit invasive focal iris of eyeball Basal cell carcinoma of left orbit Inquiry
Vey030015B Retinoblastoma of left eyeball Retinoblastoma of left eyeball Inquiry
Vey030016B Malignant melanoma of left eye Malignant melanoma Inquiry
Vey030017E Chronic inflammation of cornea Left corneal perforation wisth necrosis Inquiry
Vey030020B Moderate malignant hemangiopericytoma of left orbit Left orbital tumor Inquiry
Vey030021B Ulcerative squamous cell carcinoma of right eye (grade II) invasive superficial corium layer of skin Tumor of right eye Inquiry
Vey030023E Choroid membrane hemorrhage of right eye with granulation tissue Eyeball traum Inquiry
Vey030024B (left eyelid) adenocarcinoma of tarsal plate Lump of left eyelid Inquiry
Vey030025B Squamous cell carcinoma of left orbit (grade II) Carcinoma of left orbit Inquiry
Vey030026B Melanoma of left orbit Left orbit tumor Inquiry
Vey030028B Squamous cell carcinoma of left eye (grade II) Left eye tumor Inquiry
Vey030029B Malignant melanoma of left eyeball Space occupying lesion of left eyeball Inquiry
Vey030030E Glaucoma of left eye Secondary glaucoma and scleral staphylom of left eye Inquiry
Vey030031B Diffuse malignant lymphoma of left orbit (low malignant) Haemangioma Inquiry
Vey030033E Corneal ulcer of right eye Corneal ulcer of right eye Inquiry