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Soft Tissues-Smooth muscle

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Ssj020016B Malignant melanoma of left foot sole Inquiry
Ssk010001B NULL Inquiry
Ssk010002B NULL Inquiry
Ssk010016B NULL Inquiry
Ssk010019B Malignant fibroblast carcinoma Inquiry
Ssk010026B Squamous cell carcinoma of left cheek (grade II) Inquiry
Ssk010028B Squamous cell carcinoma of temple of the left ear (grade III) Inquiry
Ssk010059B Well-differentiated squamous cell carcinoma of the right foot Inquiry
Ssk010085B Soft tissue sarcoma Inquiry
Ssk010089B Squamous carcinoma Inquiry
Ssk010110B Basal cell carcinoma Inquiry
Ssk010127B Squamous papilloma Inquiry
Ssk010133B Metastatic squamous carcinoma Inquiry
Ssk010143B Malignant melanoma of left thumb Inquiry
Ssk010147B Malignant melanoma of left buttock skin Inquiry
Ssk020004B Malignant melanoma of left foot sole Inquiry
Ssk020016B Malignant melanoma of left foot sole Inquiry
Ssm010122B Spindle cell sarcoma Inquiry
Ssm010139B Malignant leiomyosarcoma of right back Inquiry
Ssm010160B Leiomyosarcoma of right inferior part abdominal cavity Inquiry
Ssm020024B Leiomyosarcoma of retroperitoneum Inquiry
Ssm020108B Leiomyosarcoma Inquiry
Ssm020128B Poor-differentiated leiomyosarcoma of right shoulder with necrosis Inquiry
Ssm020137B Leiomyosarcoma Inquiry
Ssm020152B Mucinous leiomyosarcoma of abdominal wall Inquiry
Ssm020161B Leiomyosarcomal of left groin Inquiry
Ssm020181 Leiomyosarcomal of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Ssm020181B Leiomyosarcomal of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Ssm020205B Leiomyosarcomal of chest wall Inquiry
Ssm020249B Leiomyosarcoma of left back Inquiry
Ssm020343B Leiomyosarcoma of left thigh Inquiry
Ssm030032B Leiomyosarcoma of right Inquiry
Ssm030036B Leiomyosarcoma of right thigh Inquiry
Ssm030047B Leiomyosarcoma of right leg (moderate malignant) Inquiry
Ssm030061W Neurilemmoma of thigh Inquiry
Ssm030062B Leiomyosarcoma of left inferior belly (high malignant) Inquiry
Ssm030063B Leiomyosarcoma of upper abdomen (grade I) Inquiry
Ssm030067B Leiomyosarcoma of perineum (moderate malignant) Inquiry
Ssm030068B Leiomyosarcoma of right forearm (moderate malignant) Inquiry
Ssm030079B Leiomyosarcoma of left leg Inquiry
Ssm030088W Leiomyoma of left greater lip of pudendum with mucinous degeneration Inquiry
Ssm030131B Leiomyosarcoma of right chest wall Inquiry
Ssm030138B Leiomyosarcoma of chest wall (moderate malignant) Inquiry
Ssm030152B Mucinous leiomyosarcomal of posterior abdominal wall Inquiry
Ssm030186B Leiomyosarcoma of left scapula Inquiry
Ssm030228B Leiomyosarcoma of pelvic (low malignant) Inquiry
Ssm030263B Leiomyosarcoma of right shoulder (low malignant) Inquiry
Ssm030299B Leiomyosarcoma of left femur (moderate malignant) with massive necrosis Inquiry
Sss010004B NULL Inquiry
Sss010009B NULL Inquiry
Sss030007B (Right thumb) giant cell tumor of tendon sheath Inquiry
Sss030008B Synovial sarcoma of left leg (fusiform cell type) Inquiry
Sss030010B Mixed synovial sarcoma of left Inquiry
Sss030023B Synovial sarcoma of right elbow (fusiform cell type) Inquiry
Sss030050W Giant cell tumor of tendon sheath Inquiry
Sss030058B Monophasic epithelium synovial sarcoma of shoulder Inquiry
Sss030075W (Right knee) giant cell tumor of terdon sheath Inquiry
Sss030082W (Left hand of ring finger) local giant cell tumor of tendon sheath Inquiry
Sss030084E Pigmented villonodular synovitis of middle toe of right foot Inquiry
Sss030085E Pigmented villonodular synovitis of left wrist Inquiry
Sss030099B Biphasic synovial sarcoma of left lateral malleolus Inquiry
Sss030107B Unipolar epithelioid synovial sarcoma of left wrist Inquiry
Sss030160B (Manubrium of sternum) clear cell sarcoma of soft tissue Inquiry
Sss030162E Proliferative fascitis of right upper arm Inquiry
Sss030178W Synorium chondromatosis of right knee joint Inquiry
Sss030184E Pigmented villonodular synovitis Inquiry
Sss030201W Tenosynovial giant cell tumous of foot dorsum Inquiry
Sss030236B Biphasic synovial sarcoma of pubic tubercle Inquiry
Sss030281B Synovial sarcoma of left groin (grade III) Inquiry
Sss030283B Synovial sarcoma of right buttock (grade III) Inquiry
Sss030301B Synovial sarcoma of left thigh (grade III) Inquiry
Sss030324W Retroperitoneum leiomyoma Inquiry
Sst030197B Desmoplastic small round cell tumor of right hand back Inquiry
Sst030200B Clear cell sarcoma of right leg Inquiry
Sst030204B Embryonal carcinoma of right sacrococcygeal Inquiry
Sst030211B Malignant mesenchymoma of chest wall Inquiry
Sst030215B Malignant melanoma of left buttock Inquiry
Sst030267B Alveolar soft tissue sarcoma of right thigh Inquiry
Sst030315W Lipoma of groin Inquiry
Sst030316B Squamous cell carcinoma of left cheek (grade I) Inquiry
Sst030328B Squamous cell carcinoma of right thigh (grade I) Inquiry
Sst030334E Chronic inflammation of skin and subcutaneous tissue Inquiry
Sst030364B Squamous cell carcinoma of skin of hand back (grade I-II) infiltrating deep corium Inquiry
Sst030376B Metastatic malignant melanoma of groin Inquiry
Sst030377E Moderate differentiated adenocarcinoma of upper arm Inquiry
Sst030378E Epidermal cyst of right Inquiry
Sst030387W Metastatic adenocarcinoma of greater omentum Inquiry
Sst030416B Lipoma-like liposarcoma of right thigh Inquiry
Sst030418B Metastatic poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of right ischium Inquiry
Sst030424B Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma of left leg Inquiry
Str030025BD Metastatic malignant melanoma of right axilla lymph nodes Inquiry
Str030026B Salivary gland papillary adenocarcinoma of right face (grade II) with lymph node metastasis Inquiry
Str030053B Metastatic adenocarcinoma (grade III) Inquiry
Str030112B Dedifferentiated large cell lymphoma of axilla Inquiry
Str030134B Moderate differentiated adenocarcinoma of abdoment in connective tissue with metastasis Inquiry
Str030140B Leiomyosarcoma of chest wall (moderate malignant) Inquiry
Str030142B Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of nuchae connective tissue (grade II) Inquiry
Str030148B Metastatic adenocarcinoma of right upper abdominal of connective tissue (grade II) with chronic inflammation of skeletal muscles around Inquiry
Str030154B Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of left nuchae lymph nodes (grade II) Inquiry
Str030175B Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma (grade II) Inquiry

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