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Soft Tissues-Bone marrow

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Scf030004B Malignant neurilemmoma of left thigh (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030005B Pleomorphism malignant neurilemmoma of left leg Inquiry
Scf030009B Malignant neurilemmoma of abdominal cavity (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030011B Malignant neurilemmoma of right jaw bone (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030015W Neurilemmoma of nuchae Inquiry
Scf030019W Intraspinal neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030020W Intraspinal neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030027W Myxoid neurilemmoma of left nuchae Inquiry
Scf030029W Intraspinal neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030031W Chordoma of sacrococcygeal Inquiry
Scf030033W Acoustic nerve tumor of brain (WHO I) Inquiry
Scf030035W Neurilemmoma of left pontine Inquiry
Scf030042B Malignant neurilemmoma of nuchae Inquiry
Scf030043B Low malignant neurilemmoma of left groin Inquiry
Scf030048B Primitve neuroectodermal tumor of intraspinal Inquiry
Scf030055W Neurilemmoma of retroperitoneum Inquiry
Scf030059W Deputy secretary-general of retroperitoneum Inquiry
Scf030064W Neurilemmoma of right mediastinum with local cystic change and hemorrhage Inquiry
Scf030065W Neurilemmoma of right arm Inquiry
Scf030070W Chordoma of sacrococcygeal (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030074W Neurilemmoma of right mediastinum with hemorrhage and cystic change Inquiry
Scf030078W Neurilemmoma of intraspinal Inquiry
Scf030080B Malignant neurilemmoma of left thigh Inquiry
Scf030081B Malignant neurilemmoma of left thigh Inquiry
Scf030087W (T12~L1 intraspinal) neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030091B Low malignant neurilemmoma of right leg Inquiry
Scf030093W (T12,L1) neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030096W Neurilemmoma of abdomen Inquiry
Scf030098W Neurofibroma of right leg Inquiry
Scf030103B Malignant peripheral neurilemmoma of right inferior abdominal cavity Inquiry
Scf030114W Plexiform neurofibroma of left radial nerve Inquiry
Scf030115B Neurilemmoma of right upper abdomen Inquiry
Scf030117B Malignant neurilemmoma of right thigh (moderate malignant) Inquiry
Scf030120B Askin's tumor of chest wall Inquiry
Scf030121B Malignant neurilemmoma of right upper arm (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030122W Granular cell tumor of left chest wall Inquiry
Scf030125B Malignant neurilemmoma of right thigh (low malignant) infiltrating deep skeletal muscles tissue Inquiry
Scf030127B Malignant neurilemmoma of right waist skin (low malignant) infiltrating deep skeletal muscles tissue Inquiry
Scf030129W Neurofibroma of skin Inquiry
Scf030132W Intraspinal neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030135W Neurilemmoma of right nuchae Inquiry
Scf030136W (L3~4) Neurilemmoma of intraspinal with cystic change Inquiry
Scf030139W Neurilemmoma of left posterior tibial with cystic change Inquiry
Scf030143W Neurilemmoma of left orbit Inquiry
Scf030144B Malignant neurilemmoma of left lower extremity Inquiry
Scf030145B Malignant neurilemmoma of abdominal wall Inquiry
Scf030147B Neurilemmoma of right forearm Inquiry
Scf030149B Malignant neurilemmoma of right forearm (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030150W Neurilemmoma of waist Inquiry
Scf030157W Metaplastic of cauda equina Inquiry
Scf030165B Neuroendocrine carcinoma of nuchae Inquiry
Scf030168W (T8~9) Angiomatous meningioma of intraspinal Inquiry
Scf030180W` Cavernous hemangioma of intraspinal Inquiry
Scf030182W Neurilemmoma of waist and back Inquiry
Scf030189B (Lumbar vertebra) lower malignant neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030191W Vertebra neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030202W Neurilemmoma of intraspinal with hemorrhage Inquiry
Scf030209B Malignant neurilemmoma of left face (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030221W Intraspinal neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030227B Primitve neuroectodermal tumous of right waist Inquiry
Scf030241W Intraspinal neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030242W Waist neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030246W Neurilemmoma of vertebral canal Inquiry
Scf030250W Neurilemmoma of left nuchae Inquiry
Scf030256W Fibrous meningioma of cervical spinal canal Inquiry
Scf030259W Neurilemmoma of vertebral canal Inquiry
Scf030268B Malignant neurilemmoma of waist and back (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030269B Malignant neurilemmoma of chest wall (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030271B Malignant nearilemmoma of right arm Inquiry
Scf030273B Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of right thigh with focal myogenic differentiated of cartilage Inquiry
Scf030280W Neurilemmoma of lumbar spine epidural with local cystic change Inquiry
Scf030284W Neurofibroma of back Inquiry
Scf030287B (Skin of abdominal wall) neurilfibroma of corium Inquiry
Scf030306W Acoustic neuroma Inquiry
Scf030323W Sacrococcygeal neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030327W Neurofiboma of right foot toe Inquiry
Scf030339W Neurilemmoma of right shoulder Inquiry
Scf030342W Neurilemmoma of left waist Inquiry
Scf030343W Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Scf030345B Left supraclavicular malignant neurilemmoma (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030352W Neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030357W Neurilemmoma of certebral canal Inquiry
Scf030358B Malignant neurilemmoma of chest wall (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030359B Pleomorphism malignant neurilemmoma of chest (high malignant) Inquiry
Scf030362W Vertebral canal tumor Inquiry
Scf030363B Malignant neurilemmoma of retroperitoneum (low malignant) Inquiry
Scf030365W Neurilemmoma of left buttock with cystic change and hemorrhage Inquiry
Scf030375W Neurilemmoma of left nuchae Inquiry
Scf030381B Malignant neurilemmoma of right thigh (moderate malignant) Inquiry
Scf030385W Neurilemmoma of left leg Inquiry
Scf030388B Chordoma of sacrococcygeal Inquiry
Scf030401W Occipital neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030405B Low malignant neurilemmoma of nuchal region Inquiry
Scf030411W Sacrococcygeal chordoma Inquiry
Scf030415W Ependymoma of nuchae (grade II) Inquiry
Scf030421W Neurilemmoma of left arm Inquiry
Scf030422W Right supraclavicular neurilemmoma Inquiry
Scf030425W Neurilemmoma of lower jaw bone Inquiry

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