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Lumen of body-Pelvic kidney

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Apc010002W Apc010002W Leiomyosarcoma Inquiry
Apc020001B Apc020001B Serous type papillary adenocarcinoma of left ovary (grade III) Inquiry
Apc020006B Apc020006B Metastasis papillary adenocarcinoma in fibrofatty tissue of pelvic kidney (grade III) Inquiry
Apc020078B Apc020078B Fibrosarcoma of pelvic kidney Inquiry
Apc020079W Apc020079W Lipoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apc020080B Apc020080B Vascular leiomyoma of pelvic kidney Inquiry
Apc020109B Apc020109B Tetatoma of sacrococcygeal regin Inquiry
Apc020110B Apc020110B Metastatic carcinoma of pelvic kidney Inquiry
Apc020111B Apc020111B Metastatic low-differentiation adenocarcinoma of pelvic kidney Inquiry
Apc020116B Apc020116B Metastaitc adenocarcinoma of pelvic kidney Inquiry
Apc020118B Apc020118B Leiomyoma of pelvic kidney retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apc020127B Apc020127B Malignant neurilemmoma of pelvic kidney Inquiry
Apc020143B Apc020143B NULL Inquiry
Apc030022B Apc030022B Malignant neurilemmoma of pelvic Inquiry
Apc030028B Apc030028B Leiomyosarcoma of pelvic Inquiry
Apc030043W Apc030043W Myxoid cystadenoma of pelvic Inquiry
Apc030054W Apc030054W Leiomyoma of pelvic Inquiry
Apc030071B Apc030071B Carcinosarcoma of pelvic Inquiry
Apc030091B Apc030091B Moderate malignant mesenchymoma of pelvic Inquiry
Apc030118B Apc030118B Myofibroblastic tumor of pelvic kidney (potential malignant) Inquiry
Apc030137B Apc030137B (Broad ligament) leiomyoma with cystic change Inquiry
Apc030146B Apc030146B medomate differentiated adenocarcinoma of pelvic kidney Inquiry
Apc030150B Apc030150B (Pelvic cavity) undifferentiated adenocarcinoma infiltrating connective tissue with metastasis Inquiry
Apc030162B Apc030162B Granular cell tumor of pelvic cavity (moderate malignant) Inquiry
Apc030172B Apc030172B Adenocarcinoma of pelvic kidney (grade II-III) Inquiry
Apc030173W Apc030173W Leiomyoma of pelvic kidney with endometriosis Inquiry
Apc030179E Apc030179E Pelvic kidney tuberculosis Inquiry
Apc030181W Apc030181W Fillicle Theca cell tumor of abdomen Inquiry
Apc030187B Apc030187B Metastatic mucinous adenocarcinoma of pelvic cavity (grade II) Inquiry
Apc030199B Apc030199B Dedifferentiated adenosquamous carcinoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Apc030200B Apc030200B Pleomorphism leiomyosarcoma of pelvic kidney with radiotherapy reactive Inquiry
Apc030201B Apc030201B Clear cell carcinoma of pelvic kidney (grade II) Inquiry
Apc030216B Apc030216B Diffuse B cell lymphoma of broad ligamnent (large Non-cleaved, high malignant) Inquiry
Apc030219B Apc030219B Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of pelvic kidney Inquiry
Apc030225B Apc030225B Adenocarcinoma infiltrating fibrofatty and smooth muscle tissue of pelvic cavity (grade III) Inquiry
Apc030226B Apc030226B (Pelvic kidney) infiltrative and metastatic adenocarcinoma in fibrofatty tissue Inquiry

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