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Lumen of body-Mediastinum

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Amd020008B Amd020008B Malignant teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020107B Amd020107B Diffuse B cell lymphoma of anterior mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030045W Amd030045W Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030097W Amd030097W Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030133W Amd030133W Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030185B Amd030185B Cell-rich neurilemmoma of right upper mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020038B Amd020038B Ganglioneuroma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020156B Amd020156B Ganglioneuroma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030047B Amd030047B Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030114W Amd030114W Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030135W Amd030135W Mature cystic teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030196B Amd030196B Metastatic adenocarcinoma of mediastinum (grade III) Inquiry
Amd020074B Amd020074B Large cell type anaplasia lymphoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020168B Amd020168B Lymph node reactive hyperplasia of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030048B Amd030048B Small cell carcinoma of right mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030121B Amd030121B Type B1 thymoma of mediastinum (potential malignant) Inquiry
Amd030138B Amd030138B Malignant neurliemmoma of mediastinum (low malignant) Inquiry
Amd030203W Amd030203W Thymus gland mature teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020085B Amd020085B Malignant teratoma of mediastinum lower Inquiry
Amd030009B Amd030009B Low malignant neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030061B Amd030061B Fibrous malignant mesenchymoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030123W Amd030123W Neurilemmoma of right upper mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030145W Amd030145W Type A thyoma of anterior-upper mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030204E Amd030204E Cyst of thymus gland Inquiry
Amd020101B Amd020101B Thymus gland carcinoid of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030013B Amd030013B Solid immature teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030063B Amd030063B Diffuse T cell malignant lymphoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030125W Amd030125W Ganglioneuroma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030148B Amd030148B (Mediastinum) moderate differentiated adenocarcinoma infiltrating connective tissue Inquiry
Amd030212B Amd030212B Endodermal sinus tumor of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020102B Amd020102B Large cell carcinoma of left superior anterior mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030017W Amd030017W Solid mature teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030073B Amd030073B Yolk sac tumor of mediastinum with immature teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030126B Amd030126B Typical seminoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030149B Amd030149B (Mediastinum) metastatic poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of lymph node Inquiry
Amd030215B` Amd030215B` Diffuse B cel lymphoma of mediastinum (large Non-cleaved type,high malignant) Inquiry
Amd020103B Amd020103B Infiltrative type thymoma Inquiry
Amd030032W Amd030032W Mature teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030087B Amd030087B Semioma of left anterior mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030130B Amd030130B Diffuse T cell lymphoma of mediastinum (high malignant) Inquiry
Amd030156W Amd030156W Fibrous capsule wall of mediastinum with calcification Inquiry
Amd030221W Amd030221W Giant lymph mode hyperplasia of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020104B Amd020104B Carcinoma of mediastinum (type C thymoma) Inquiry
Amd030038W Amd030038W Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030088W Amd030088W Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030133B Amd030133B Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030169W Amd030169W Teratoma of anterior mediastinum Inquiry
Amo020117B Amo020117B Metastatic carcinoma of mesentery Inquiry

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