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Female genital-Fallopian tube

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Ffb020826B Primary adenocarcinoma of oviduct Inquiry
Ffb020954B Cauliflower type adenocarcinoma of right oviduct (grade III) Inquiry
Ffb021152B Adenocarcinoma of left oviduct (grade III) Inquiry
Ffb021188B Acinar medullary carcinoma of right oviduct Inquiry
Ffb021347B Mucinous adenocarcinoma in the wall of fallopian tube and fibrofatty tissue outside (mid differentiation) Inquiry
Ffb021365B Low-differentiation adenocarcinoma of right oviduct Inquiry
Ffb021614B Low-differentiation adenocarcinoma of left oviduct Inquiry
Ffb021618B Low-malignancy tumour of epithelial origin Inquiry
Ffb030034B Prominent type adenocarcinoma of uterine tube (grade III) infiltrating all layer of duct wall Inquiry
Ffb030165B Adenocarcinoma of uterine tube (grade III) Inquiry
Ffb030672B Transitional cell carcinoma (grade II) Inquiry
Ffb030713B Adenocarcinoma of uterine tube (grade II) infiltrating all layer Inquiry
Ffb031025B Adenocarcinoma of uterine tube (grade III) infiltrating all layer of duct wall and ovary tissue Inquiry
Ffb031070E Mullerian cyst of mesosalpinx Inquiry
Ffb031072E Endometriosis of mesosalpinx Inquiry
Ffb031314E Left Tubal pregnancy Inquiry
Ffb031398B Adenocarcinoma of left uterine tube (grade II) Inquiry
Ffb031443B Undifferentiated adenocarcinoma of uterine tube Inquiry
Ffb031631B Adenocarcinoma of fallopian tube (grade II-III) infiltrating all layer of fallopian wall Inquiry
Ffb031665B Adenocarcinoma of left fallopian tube (grade III) infiltrating all layer of tube wall Inquiry
Ffb031718E Chronic salpingitis Inquiry
Ffb031735B Metastatic adenocarcinoma of right fallopian wall (grade III) invasive muscular layer Inquiry
Ffb031758A Fallopian tube tissue with mucosa bleeding Inquiry
Ffb031762A Fallopian tube tissue with bleeding Inquiry
Ffb031764Ai Chronic salpingitis with bleeding Inquiry
Ffb031766B Adenocarcinoma of fallopian tube (grade III) invasive all layer of tube wall Inquiry
Ffb031791Ai Chronic salpingitis Inquiry
Ffb031797Ai Acute salpingitis Inquiry
Ffb031914B Adenocarcinoma of fallopian tube (grade III) infiltrating all layer of tube wall Inquiry
Ffb031950Ai Chronic salpingitis Inquiry
Ffb031951E Chronic inflammation of left fallopian tube Inquiry
Ffb031992E Chronic inflammation of left salpingitis Inquiry
Ffb031998E Acuter infllammation of left salpingitis Inquiry
Ffb032232E Acute salpingitis Inquiry
Ffb032277E (Left Fallopian tube) mild chronic inflammation of mucosa Inquiry
Ffb032282B (Left fallopian tube) poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma infiltrating all layer Inquiry
Ffb032304B Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of fallopian tube infiltrating fibrofatty tissue Inquiry
Ffb032433E Purulent inflammation of fallopian tube Inquiry
Ffb040077B Transitional cell carcinoma (grade II) of left fallopian tube, infiltrating muscular layer Inquiry
Ffb040111B Adenocarcinoma (grade III) of left fallopian tube Inquiry

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