Paraffin Tissue Sections

    Formalin fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) whole tissue sections are ideal candidates for localizing DNA, RNA and protein markers. The tissues were fixed by formalin less than 48 hours, and then processed and sectioned. Two tissue sections with 5 µm (micro, micrometer) thickness are mounted on a SuperFrost Plus glass slide. US Biomax, Inc. paraffin tissue section is suitable for detection of genes and proteins expression in specific tissues of different species.

  • Variety of tissue types and species
  • Suitable for both immunohistochemistry (IHC) and in situ hybridization (ISH)
  • 2 whole tissue sections per slide
  • Localization of mRNA and protein
  • Identification of tumor markers and disease specific genes
  • Detection of novel genes and protein markers

Our paraffin tissue section product line has a large selection of slides of tissue sections from our tissue bank. It includes human adult and fetal normal tissues, human diseased and tumor tissues and monkey tissues. The tissue sections are approximately 5 µm thick. All the tissues are diagnosed by a licensed pathologist.

Storage Conditions

Store paraffin tissue sections at room temperature or 4°C

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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price(5 Sildes)
RsFPT016 Cerebellum Normal Rhesus Cerebellum $125.00
RsFPT017 Basal nucleus Normal Rhesus Basal nucleus $125.00
RsFPT018 Head of caudate nucleus Normal Rhesus Head of caudate nucleus $125.00
RsFPT019 Thalamus Normal Rhesus Thalamus $125.00
RsFPT020 Midbrain Normal Rhesus Midbrain $125.00
RsFPT021 Normal Rhesus Pons Pontine $125.00
RsFPT026 Normal Rhesus Medulla oblongata Medulla oblongata $125.00
RsFPT031 Normal Rhesus Colon Colon $125.00
RsFPT036 Normal Rhesus Esophagus Esophagus $125.00
RsFPT041 Normal Rhesus Aorta Aorta $125.00
RsFPT046 Normal Rhesus Kidney Kidney $125.00
RsFPT051 Normal Rhesus Liver Liver $125.00
RsFPT056 Normal Rhesus Lung Lung $125.00
RsFPT061 Normal Rhesus Skin Skin $125.00
RsFPT066 Normal Rhesus Skeletal Muscle Skeletal Muscle $125.00
RsFPT071 Normal Rhesus Pancreas Pancreas $125.00
RsFPT076 Normal Rhesus Prostate Prostate $125.00
RsFPT081 Normal Rhesus Small Intestine Small Intestine $125.00
RsFPT086 Normal Rhesus Spleen Spleen $125.00
RsFPT091 Normal Rhesus Stomach Stomach $125.00
RsFPT096 Normal Rhesus Testis Testis $125.00
RsFPT101 Normal Rhesus Thyroid Thyroid with parathyroid gland $125.00
RsFPT106 Normal Rhesus Cervix Cervix $125.00
RsFPT111 Normal Rhesus Trachea Trachea $125.00
RsFPT116 Normal Rhesus Salivary gland Salivary gland(Submaxillary gland) $125.00
RsFPT121 Normal Rhesus Lymph node Lymph node $125.00
RsFPT126 Normal Rhesus Peripheral nerve Peripheral nerve $125.00
RsFPT131 Normal Rhesus Eye Eye $125.00
RsFPT136 Bone marrow Bone marrow $125.00
RsFPT141 Breast Breast $125.00
RsFPT146 Larynx Larynx $125.00
RsFPT151 Pituitary Pituitary $125.00
RsFPT156 Uterus Uterus $125.00
RsFPT161 Mesothelial cells Mesothelial cells $125.00
RsFPT166 Ovary Ovary $125.00
RsFPT171 Heart Heart $125.00
RsFPT176 Tonsil Tonsil $125.00
RsFPT181 Thymus Thymus $125.00
RtFTS006 Rat Normal: Brain Brain $300.00
RtFTS011 Rat Normal: Heart Heart $300.00
RtFTS016 Rat Normal: Kidney Kidney $300.00
RtFTS021 Rat Normal: Liver Liver $300.00
RtFTS026 Rat Normal: Lung Lung $300.00
RtFTS031 Rat Normal: Pancreas Pancreas $300.00
RtFTS041 Rat Normal: Skeletal muscle Skeletal muscle $300.00
RtFTS046 Rat Normal: Spleen Spleen $300.00
RtFTS051 Rat Normal: Testis Testis $300.00