CyFDA1e : FDA multiple organ normal tissue array of cynomolgus monkey, 32 organs/99 cores, replacing CyFDA1d
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Microarray Panel Cynomolgus monkey multiple organ normal tissue microarray, containing 32 types of normal cynomolgus organs (cerebrum, cerebellum, adrenal gland, vulva, pancreas, greater omentum, tonsil, testis, thyroid gland, breast, spleen, trachea, thymus, bone marrow, lung, heart, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, salivary gland, kidney, prostate, endometrium, cervix, skeletal muscle, skin, peripheral nerve, bladder, eye and larynx), single core per block
Cores 99 Tissue Array CyFDA1e
Row number 11
Column number 9
Core Diameter (mm) 1
Thickness (┬Ám) 5
Quality control H&E and IHC confirmed
Tissue Array Type FFPE
Species Cynomolgus
Applications Routine histology procedures including Immunohistochemistry (IHC) and In Situ Hybridization (ISH), protocols which can be found at our support page.
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Slide Label: US Biomax, Inc. Tissue Array
KBlaBlaBlaEyeEyeEyeLarLarLarMarked point
Legend: Adr - Adrenal gland, Bla - Bladder, Bon - Bone marrow, Bre - Breast, Ceb - Cerebellum tissue, Cer - Cervix, Col - Colon, End - Endometrium, Eso - Esophagus, Eye - Eye, Gre - Greater omentum, Hea - Heart, Kid - Kidney, Lar - Larynx, Liv - Liver, Lun - Lung, Lym - Lymph node, Pan - Pancreas, Per - Peripheral nerve, Pro - Prostate, Sal - Salivary gland, Ske - Skeletal muscle, Ski - Skin, Sma - Small intestine, Spl - Spleen, Sto - Stomach, Tes - Testis, Thy - Thymus, Tra - Trachea, Vul - Vulva

- Malignant tumor, - Normal tissue

Specification Sheet (Sortable), tissue IDs are available in exported Excel files.

TNM grading:

T - Primary tumor
Tx - Primary tumor cannot be assessed
T0 - No evidence of primary tumor
Tis - Carcinoma in situ; intraepithelial or invasion of lamina propria
T1 - Tumor invades submucosa
T2 - Tumor invades muscularis propria
T3 - Tumor invades through muscularis propria into subserosa or into non-peritonealized pericolic or perirectal tissues.
T4 - Tumor directly invades other organs or structures and/or perforate visceral peritoneum

N - Regional lymph nodes
Nx - Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed
N0 - No regional lymph node metastasis
N1 - Metastasis in 1 to 3 regional lymph nodes
N2 - Metastasis in 4 or more regional lymph nodes

M - Distant metastasis
Mx - Distant metastasis cannot be assessed
M0 - No distant metastasis
M1 - Distant metastasis

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