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Catalog No. Name Full Name Sensitivity Range Size Principle Price
EMK001 mk.ACE Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK002 mk.ADIPOR1 Adiponectin Receptor 1 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK003 mk.ADP/Acrp30 Adiponectin 0.469ng/ml 0.781—50ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK004 mk.AMBP Alpha-1-Microglobulin/Bikunin Precursor 4.688ng/ml 7.813—500ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK005 mk.ANXA5 Annexin A5 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK006 mk.ApoA1 Apolipoprotein A1 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK007 mk.ApoB100 Apolipoprotein B100 56.25ng/ml 93.75—6000ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK008 mk.ApoC3 Apolipoprotein C3 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK009 mk.ApoE Apolipoprotein E 3.75ng/ml 6.25—400ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK010 mk.C3 Complement Component 3 4.688ng/ml 7.813—500ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK011 mk.C4 Complement Component 4 2.813ng/ml 4.688—300ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK012 mk.C5a Complement Component 5a 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK013 mk.CA2 Carbonic Anhydrase II 1.875ng/ml 3.125—200ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK014 mk.CD40L/TNFSF5 Cluster of Differentiation 40 Ligand 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK015 mk.CGβ Chorionic Gonadotrophin Beta 0.469ng/ml 0.781—50ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK016 mk.CIC circulating immune complex 0.188ug/ml 0.313—20ug/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK017 mk.CRP C-reactive protein 0.375ng/ml 0.625—40ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK018 mk.cTn-I/TNNI3 cardiac Troponin I 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK019 mk.Cys-C Cystatin C 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK020 mk.ECF/CCL11 Eosinophil Chemotactic Factor 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK021 mk.EPO Erythropoietin 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK022 mk.FE Ferritin 4.688ng/ml 7.813—500ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK023 mk.FETUA Fetuin A 3.75ng/ml 6.25—400ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK024 mk.GAL3 Galectin 3 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK025 mk.GAP43 Growth Associated Protein 43 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK026 mk.HP Haptoglobin 9.375ng/ml 15.625—1000ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK027 mk.IFABP/FABP2 Intestinal Fatty Acid Binding Protein 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK028 mk.IFN-α Interferon Alpha 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK029 mk.IFN-β Interferon Beta 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK030 mk.IFN-γ Interferon Gamma 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK031 mk.IgA Immumoglobulin A 9.375ng/ml 15.625—1000ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK032 mk.IgE Immunoglobulin E 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK033 mk.IGF-1 Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK034 mk.IgG Immunoglobulin G 0.938µg/ml 1.563—100µg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK035 mk.IgM Immunoglobulin M 9.375ng/ml 15.625—1000ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK036 mk.IL-10 Interleukin-10 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK037 mk.IL-12 Interleukin 12 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK038 mk.IL-16 Interleukin 16 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK039 mk.IL-2 Interleukin 2 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK040 mk.IL-4 Interleukin 4 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK041 mk.IL-6 Interleukin 6 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK042 mk.IL-8 Interleukin 8 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK043 mk.IL-9 Interleukin 9 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK044 mk.INS Insulin 1.875ng/ml 3.125—200ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK045 mk.KIM-1 Kidney Injury Molecule 1 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK046 mk.LEP Leptin 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK047 mk.LEPR Leptin Receptor 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK048 mk.MAU Microalbuminuria 0.938µg/ml 1.563—100µg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK049 mk.MCP-1 Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 1 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK050 mk.mIgM Membrane IgM 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK051 mk.MIP-1β Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 1 Beta 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK052 mk.MIP-3α Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 3 Alpha 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK053 mk.MMP-2 Matrix Metalloproteinase 2 0.375ng/ml 0.625—40ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK054 mk.MYO Myoglobin 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK055 mk.NGF Nerve Growth Factor 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK056 mk.NTXI Cross Linked N-telopeptide of Type I Collagen 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK057 mk.PAF Platelet Activating Factor 0.281ng/ml 0.469—30ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK058 mk.PAI1 Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor 1 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK059 mk.PDGF-BB Platelet Derived Growth Factor-BB 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK060 mk.Pg Progesterone 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK061 mk.PTH Parathyroid Hormone 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK062 mk.RANTES Regulated On Activation, Normal T-Cell Expressed and Secreted 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK063 mk.RETN Resistin 0.469ng/ml 0.781—50ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK064 mk.S100A11 S100 Calcium Binding Protein A11 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK065 mk.S100A6 S100 Calcium Binding Protein A6 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK066 mk.SAA Serum Amyloid A 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK067 mk.SELE E-Selectin 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK068 mk.SELL L-Selectin 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK069 mk.SELP P-Selectin 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK070 mk.SHBG Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 1.875nmol/L 3.125—200nmol/L 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK071 mk.sICAM-1 Soluble Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1 0.469ng/ml 0.781—50ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK072 mk.SIGLEC3 Sialic Acid Binding Ig Like Lectin 3 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK073 mk.sTNF-1 Soluble Tumor Necrosis Factor 1 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK074 mk.TARC Thymus Activation Regulated Chemokine 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK075 mk.TGF-β1 Transforming Growth Factor β1 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK076 mk.TIMP-3 Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinase 3 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK077 mk.TLR2 Toll-Like Receptor 2 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD
EMK078 mk.TNFRSF1A Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily, Member 1A 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $450.00ADD