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Soft Tissues-Smooth muscle

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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price
S03E60 Pigmented villonodular synovitis of left wrist Lump of left wrist Inquiry
S03E64 Proliferative fascitis of right upper arm Proliferative fascitis Inquiry
S03E66 Pigmented villonodular synovitis Lump Inquiry
S03E82 Chronic inflammation of skin and subcutaneous tissue Skin chronic inflammation Inquiry
S03E85 Moderate differentiated adenocarcinoma of upper arm Tuberculosis of upper arm Inquiry
S03E86 Epidermal cyst of right Lipoma of right back Inquiry
S03W35 Neurilemmoma of thigh Leiomyosarcoma Inquiry
S03W41 Leiomyoma of left greater lip of pudendum with mucinous degeneration Cystadeoma of left greater lip of pudendum Inquiry
S03W55 Giant cell tumor of tendon sheath Synovial sarcoma Inquiry
S03W57 (Right knee) giant cell tumor of terdon sheath Tumor of right knee Inquiry
S03W58 (Left hand of ring finger) local giant cell tumor of tendon sheath Tumor of left hand of ring finger Inquiry
S03W65 Synorium chondromatosis of right knee joint Synorium chondromatosis of right knee joint Inquiry
S03W67 Tenosynovial giant cell tumous of foot dorsum Tumor of right foot dorsum Inquiry
S03W72 Retroperitoneum leiomyoma Lump of abdominal cavity Inquiry
S03W79 Lipoma of groin Lump of groin Inquiry
S03W87 Metastatic adenocarcinoma of greater omentum Psoas abscess Inquiry