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Nervous-Central nervous system

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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price
N01B77 Meningioma of low malignant potential Intraorbital tumor Inquiry
N01B78 Meningioma Meningioma Inquiry
N01B79 Frontotemporal meningioma Frontotemporal meningioma Inquiry
N01B8 Angioblastoma Blastoma Inquiry
N01B80 Right frontal lobe spongioblast Spongioblast Inquiry
N01B82 Meningioma Meningioma Inquiry
N01B83 Parietooccipital meningioma Parietooccipital meningioma Inquiry
N01B84 Fibrous meningioma Meningioma Inquiry
N01B85 Astrocytoma of left frontal lobe (grade II) Glioma Inquiry
N01B87 Tentorial meningioma Tentorial meningioma Inquiry
N01B88 Meningioma Meningioma Inquiry
N01B89 Meningioma of olfactory sulcus Meningioma of olfactory sulcus Inquiry
N01B9 Neurinoma Fibroneuroma Inquiry
N01B90 Pituitary tumor Pituitary tumor Inquiry
N01B91 Spongioblastoma of temporal lobe Glioma of temporal lobe Inquiry
N01B92 Oligodendroglioma Oligodendroglioma Inquiry
N01B94 Glioblastoma Levoccipital tobe tumor Inquiry
N01B95 Glioblastoma Levoccipital lobe tumor Inquiry
N01B96 Cerebellar slioma Cerebellar slioma Inquiry
N01B97 Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma Temporal lobe tumor Inquiry
N01B98 Meningioma Meningioma Inquiry
N01B99 Anaplastic astrocytoma Glioma Inquiry
N01W40 Brow parietallobe Meningoma Inquiry
N01W42 Meningioma Glioma Inquiry
N01W44 Syncytial meningioma of right sphenoid Meningioma of right sphenoid Inquiry
N01W70 Astrocytoma Glioma Inquiry
N01W72 Pilocytic astrocytoma Glioma Inquiry
N01W74 Diffuse astrocytoma Glioma Inquiry
N01W81 Glioblastoma Glioma Inquiry
N01W86 Astrocytoma Glioma Inquiry
N01W93 Astrocytoma Dexter glioma (frontal Lobe) Inquiry
N027141 Spongioblastoma of left temporal lobe Astrocytoma Inquiry
N02B136 Glioblastoma multiforme of left frontal region(grade IV) Glioma of left frontal lobe Inquiry
N02B137 Medulloblastoma of the fourth-cerebral ventricle(grade IV) Medulloblastoma Inquiry
N02B149 Anaplastic astrocytoma of right frontal lobe Glioma of right frontal lobe Inquiry
N02B150 Glioblastoma Glioma Inquiry
N02B152 Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor of tongue with low malignancy Malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor of tongue Inquiry
N02B153 Metastatic mid-differentiation adenocarcinoma of brain Null Inquiry
n02B154 Astroblastoma of parietal lobe Glioma of parietal lobe Inquiry
N02B155 Oligodendroglioma of left temporal lobe (grade II) mixed-type Glioma of left temporal lobe Inquiry
N02B157 Metastatic papillary adenocarcinoma of left cerebellum Intracranial metastatic carcinoma of left cerebellum Inquiry
N02B158 Metastatic adenocarcinoma of parietooccipital lobe Tumor of parietooccipital lobe Inquiry
N02B162 Anaplastic astrocytoma (grade III) Brain tumor Inquiry
N02B163 Glioblastoma multiforme (grade IV)) Astrocytoma Inquiry
N02B166 primitive neuroectodermal tumor of supratentorium primitive neuroectodermal tumor Inquiry
N02B171 Anaplastic astrocytoma of left occipital lobe (grade II) Glioma of left occipital lobe Inquiry
N02B175 Germinoma of sellar region Germinoma of sellar region Inquiry
N02B176 Astrocytoma of left temporal lobe (grade III) Anaplastic astrocytoma of left temporal lobe Inquiry
N02B180 Malignant ependymoma(grade III) Tumor in vertebral canal Inquiry
N02B183 NULL Neurofibrosarcoma Inquiry
N02B184 Endodermal sinus tumor(yolk sac tumor) of sacral region Chordoma Inquiry
N02B192 Atypical astrocytoma (grade III) Meningioma Inquiry
N02B194 Astrocytoma of left cerebellum (grade III) Glioma Inquiry
N02B196 Anaplastic astrocytoma (grade III) Glioma Inquiry
N02B200 Glioblastoma(grade IV) Glioma Inquiry
N02B201 Metastatic large cell malignant tumor Metastatic tumor of brain Inquiry
N02B203 Glioblastoma of left temporal lobe(grade IV) Tumor of left tempora Inquiry
N02B208 Astrocytoma of left temporal region (grade III) Astrocytoma of left temporoparietal region Inquiry
N02B209 Metastatic adenocarcinoma of L4 vertebral body lump of L4 vertebral body Inquiry
N02B210 Glioblastoma Glioblastoma Inquiry
N02B211 Anaplastic ependymoma Astrocytoma Inquiry
N02B218 Astrocytoma (grade II-III) Astrocytoma Inquiry
N02B220 Anaplastic astrocytoma in the fourth cerebral ventricle (grade III) Tumor in the fourth cerebral ventricle Inquiry
N02B223 Glioblastoma of left parietooccipital lobe (grade IV) Glioma Inquiry
N02B225 Spongioblast tumor (grade IV) Glioma Inquiry
N02B228 Glioblastoma of right temporoparietal lobe(grade IV) Glioma of right temporoparietal region Inquiry
N02B232 Glioblastoma (grade IV) Glioma Inquiry
N02B236 Glioblastoma of left temporal lobe(grade IV) Astrocytoma Inquiry
N02B240 Germinoma of left pineal Intracranial astrocytoma Inquiry
N02B241 Anaplastic oligodendroglioma (grade IV) Glioma (gradeIII-IV) Inquiry
N02B248 Malignant melanoma of left cerebrum Malignant melanoma Inquiry
N02B252 Spongioblast tumor of rignt temporal lobe (grade IV) glioma of brain Inquiry
N02B253 Spongioblast tumor of left frontal lobe (grade IV) Tumor of brain Inquiry
N02B254 Spongioblast tumor (grade IV) Brain tumor Inquiry
N02B256 Metastasis carcinoma of right occipital lobe from mammary gland Metastasis carcinoma of right occipital lobe Inquiry
N02B257 Astrocytoma of left frontal lobe (grade II-III) Space occupying lesion of left frontal lobe Inquiry
N02B258 Right temporal lobe astrocytoma (grade III) Glioma Inquiry
N02B259 Left temporal lobe astrocytoma (grade III) Left temporal lobe tumor Inquiry
N02B260 Spongioblast tumor of left temporal parietal lobe (grade IV) Glioma Inquiry
N02B261 Meningioma (Psammoma bodies type) Brain tumor Inquiry
N02B37 transferential adenocarcinoma of S4 vertebral body lump of S4 vertebral body Inquiry
N02B587 Retinoblastoma Retinoblastoma Inquiry
N02B588 Retinoblastoma of left eye Retinoblastoma of left eye Inquiry
N02B589 Adenocarcinoma of right dacryocyst Carcinoma of right eye Inquiry
N02W135 Transitional meningioma of foramen magnum region Meningioma of foramen magnum region Inquiry
N02W138 Fibrous meningioma of left occipital region Brain tumor Inquiry
N02W139 Meningioma in frontal cranial brood Meningioma in frontal cranial brood Inquiry
N02W140 Astrocytoma of left frontal lobe (grade II) Brain tumor Inquiry
N02W142 Meningioma of sella turnica Space occupying lesion of sella turnica Inquiry
N02W143 Meningioma of occiputal region Meningioma Inquiry
N02W144 Astrocytoma of right thalamus (grade II) Glioma of right thalamus Inquiry
N02W145 Fibrous meningioma of frontal lobe Meningioma Inquiry
N02W146 Astrocytoma (grade II) Glioma Inquiry
N02W147 Fibrous meningioma of suprasellar region Meningioma Inquiry
N02W148 Fibrous meningioma of right frontal lobe Space occupying lesion of right frontal lobe Inquiry
N02W151 Fibrous meningioma null Inquiry
N02W156 Fibrous meningioma(grade I) Meningioma Inquiry
n02W159 Neurilemmoma of tempora Tumor of temporal region Inquiry
N02W160 Fibrous meningioma(grade I) Meningioma Inquiry
N02W161 Astrocytoma of frontal lobe (grade II) Astrocytoma of frontal lobe Inquiry