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Male genital-Testis (Epididymids Seminal vesicle)

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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price
M03E418 Infarct of right testis Tumor of testis Inquiry
M03E422 Granulomatous inflammation of right testis with tumor-like hyperplasia of scar tissue Tumor of testis Inquiry
M03E427 Tuberculous inflammation with caseous necrosis of epididymis Tumor of right testis Inquiry
M03E428 Vascular leiomyoma of testis Testis tumor Inquiry
M03E429 Tuberculosis of epididymis Testis tumor Inquiry
M03E430 Fibrosis with mild hyperplasia of interstitial cell of testis Carcinoma of testis Inquiry
M03E431 Spermatic granuloma of epididymis Epididymis tumor Inquiry
M03E433 Chronic inflammation of fibre connective tissue with granulation tissue Tumor of right seminal vesicle Inquiry
M03E438 Mild atrophy of testis To castrate Inquiry
M03E439 Cryptorchidism Cryptorchidism Inquiry
M03E440 Mild atrophy of testis Carcinoma of testis and penis Inquiry
M03E455 Seminiferous functional mild dysfunction of testis Orchitis Inquiry
M03W382 Leiomyoma of epididymis Space occupying lesion of testis Inquiry
M03W406 Adenoma-like tumor of right testis Lump of right testis Inquiry
M03W420 Leiomyoma of epididymis Tumor of left epididymis Inquiry