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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price
K03B89 Skin melanoma of back Melanoma of back Inquiry
K03B91 Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of abdomen Tumor of abdomen Inquiry
K03B92 Basal cell carcinoma of right upper eyelid Tumor of right upper eyelid Inquiry
K03B93 Infiltrating squamous cell carcinoma (grade I) of occipital skin Carcinoma cutis of occipital Inquiry
K03B94 Malignant lymphoma of right nuchae Tumor of right nuchae Inquiry
K03B96 malignant melanoma of skin Lymphoma Inquiry
K03C168 Chronic inflammation of skin Malignant melanoma Inquiry
K03E106 Squamous cell carcinoma (grade II) of cheek Carcinoma of cheek Inquiry
K03E114 Compound nevus of right waist Melanotic nevus of right waist Inquiry
K03E125 Skin compound nevus of lefr leg medial Melanotic nevus Inquiry
K03E135 Skin chronic inflammation with papilltry tumor-like hyperplasia Carcinoma of skin Inquiry
K03E138 Skin chronic inflammation with ulcer formation and localized squamous epithelium pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia of right foot fourth toe Ulcer of right foot Inquiry
K03E139 Verruca acuminata of vulva Verruca acuminata of vulva Inquiry
K03E152 Chronic inflammation of shoulder skin Tumor of skin Inquiry
K03E154 Filariasis related skin change of right thigh Tumor of right thigh Inquiry
K03E169 Epidermoid cyst of abdominal wall Cyst of abdominal wall Inquiry
K03E177 Skin tissue with ulcer formation localized squamous and pseudoepithelioma-like hyperplasia of leg Ulcer canceration of leg Inquiry
K03E178 Skin tissue with localized squamous epithelium mild hyperplasia of right temple Tumor of right temple Inquiry
K03E187 Intradermal nevus of left shoulder Melanotic nevus Inquiry
K03E191 Chronic inflammation of head top skin Tumor of head top Inquiry
k03E202 Compound nevus of upper arm Melanotic nevus of upper arm Inquiry
k03E204 Granuloma with calciun salt deposition of left lateral thigh Gtranuloma fungoides of left lateral thigh Inquiry
K03E211 SKin verruca vulgaris of left leg Verruca vulgaris of left leg Inquiry
K03E213 Perianal condyloma acuminata Perianal tumor Inquiry
K03E215 Adulthood sebaceous gland mole of left elbow Melanotic nevus Inquiry
K03E219 Condyloma acuminata of foreskin Foreskin tumor Inquiry
K03E220 Skin chronic ulcer with pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia of left leg Skin chronic ulcer of left leg Inquiry
K03E227 Compound nevus of right foot sole Congenital melanotic nevus of right foot sole Inquiry
K03E228 Intradermal nevus of right shoulder Naevus of right shoulder Inquiry
K03E232 Hyperplasia of skin scar tissue Hyperplasia of skin scar tissue Inquiry
K03E234 Skin chronic inflammation with pseudoepithelomatous hyperplasia of left foot Ulcer of foot sole Inquiry
K03E237 Condyloma acuminata of anus Condyloma acuminata of anus Inquiry
K03E241 Skin keratosis seborrhoeica of right crown Tumor of right neck Inquiry
K03E243 Keratosis seborrhoeica of right waist Melanotic nevus of right waist Inquiry
K03E245 Compound nevus of forehead Melanotic nevus of forehead Inquiry
K03E250 (Chest wall) subcutaneous pathological chang of paragonimiasis Purulent inflammation of chest wall Inquiry
K03E251 Cicatricial tissue of face skin Cicatricial tissue of face skin Inquiry
K03E255 Skin chronic inflammation with hyperplasia corium fiber tissue Chronic inflammation of left foot Inquiry
K03E258 Compound nevus of left face Melanotic nevus of left face Inquiry
K03E259 Keratosis seborrhoeica of scalp Tumor of scalp Inquiry
k03E262 Skin compound nevus of left shoulder Tumor of left shoulder Inquiry
K03E271 Chronic inflammation of skin Chronic inflammation of skin Inquiry
K03E273 keloid of right chest wall Tumor of right chest wall Inquiry
K03E277 Lichen planus of chest wall Skin carcinoma of chest wall Inquiry
K03E282 Intradevmal nevus of face Melanotic nevus of face Inquiry
K03E31 Intradermal nevus of chest wall Melanoma Inquiry
K03E33 Chronic inflammation of salivary gland tissue Keratinization cyst canceration Inquiry
K03E40 Intradermal nerus of face Melanotic nevus Inquiry
K03E46 Trichoepithelioma of right eye medial Nevus of right eye Inquiry
K03E53 Intradermal nevus of buttock Intradermal nevus of buttock Inquiry
K03E60 Skin ulcer and inflammation of chest wall with hyperplasia of squamous eithpelium Skin ulcer of chest Inquiry
K03E61 Local mild hyperplasia of squamous epithelium Tumor of chest Inquiry
K03E73 Keratosis seborrhoeica of nuchae skin Skin mole of nuchae Inquiry
K03E74 Chronic inflammation of skin Skin mole Inquiry
K03E75 chronic inflammation with ulcer formation Diabetes mellitus with nesrosis right foot Inquiry
K03E76 Skin junctional nevus of right forearm Melanin mole of right forearm Inquiry
K03E78 Intradermal nevus of left abdominal wall skin Mole of left abdominal wall Inquiry
k03E95 Skin ulcer of right lower limb Skin ulcer of right foot Inquiry
K03E97 Cutaneous hemorrhoids of anus Cutaneous hemorrhoids of anus Inquiry
K03E98 Soft tissues phlegmon of right leg Gangrene of right leg Inquiry
K03E99 Inflammatory granulation tissue of left buttock Pressure sore of left buttock Inquiry
K03w127 Keratoacanthoma of face skin Skin tumor of face Inquiry
K03W128 Skin papilloma of right buttock Resection tumor of right buttock Inquiry
K03W155 Mixed tumor of ear skin Left postauricular tumor Inquiry
K03W159 Skin papilloma with squamous epithelial cell grow active Condyloma acuminata Inquiry
K03W175 Skin pigmentary basal cell papilloma of left thigh Tumor of lefr thigh Inquiry
K03W176 Skin pigmentary basal cell papilloma of chest wall Verruca senilis Inquiry
K03W183 Right interdigtal papilloma Right interdigital tumor Inquiry
K03W184 Pigmentary basal cell papilloma of left thigh skin Skin melanotic nevus Inquiry
K03W186 Pigmentary basal cell carcinoma of left chest wall Vegetations of left chest wall Inquiry
K03W197 Trichofolliculoma of right temple Skin tumor of right temple Inquiry
K03W203 Epidermoid cyst of lower abdomen Tumor of lower abdomen Inquiry
K03W216 Ganglioneuroma of skin Paraganglioma of skin Inquiry
K03W22 Intradermal nevus of face Melanotic nevus Inquiry
K03W221 Myxolipoma of right upper arm Fibroneuroma of right upper arm Inquiry
K03W231 Capillary hemangioma of abdomen Hemangioma of skin Inquiry
K03W242 Corium fibroid of leg Tumor of left leg Inquiry
K03W244 Skin capillary hemangioma of back Hemangioma of back Inquiry
K03W260 Capillary hemangioma of left temple hemangioma of left temple Inquiry
K03W261 Skin fibroneuroma Fibroneuroma, hemangioma Inquiry
K03W270 Keratoacanthoma of left foot Tumor of left foot Inquiry
K03W272 Skin keratosis seborrhoeica of abdomen Melanoma of abdomen Inquiry
K03W41 Skin soft fibroma of left groin Carcinoma of left groin Inquiry
K03W43 Skin fibroneuroma of left chest wall Fibrosarcoma of skin Inquiry
K03W64 Hemangioma of eyelid Tumor of eyelid Inquiry
K03W65 Papilloma-like pigmented nevus of face Skin mole of face Inquiry
K03W66 Capillary hemangioma of back Hemangioma Inquiry
K03W71 Keratosis seborrhoeica of back skin Skin mole of back Inquiry
K03W72 Deromal fibroid of right face Melanotic nevus of face Inquiry
K03W81 Epidermoid cyst of groin Cyst of groin Inquiry
K03W87 Skin sweat glands myoepithelioma of left iliac bone Tumor of left iliac bone Inquiry
K03W90 Fibrolipoma of left arm Tumor of left arm Inquiry
K04B293 Moderate malignant fibrous histiocytoma of left leg Tumor of left leg Inquiry