ELISA kits

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Catalog No. Name Full Name Sensitivity Range Size Principle Price
EM1431 m.TRY Trypsin 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1433 m.TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 0.75ng/ml 1.25—80ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1434 m.TSP-1 Thrombin Sensitive Protein 1 23.438pg/ml 39.063—2500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1435 m.TTR Transthyretin 4.688ng/ml 7.813—500ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1436 m.TXB2 Thromboxane B2 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Competitive $624.00ADD
EM1437 m.Ub Ubiquitin 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1438 m.UCHL1 Ubiquitin Carboxyl Terminal Hydrolase L1 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1439 m.UCP-1 Uncoupling Protein 1, Mitochondrial 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM144 m.MMP-9 Matrix Metalloproteinase 9 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1440 m.U-T3 Ultrasensitivity Triiodothyronine 0.844pg/ml 1.406—90pg/ml 96T Competitive $624.00ADD
EM1441 m.U-T4 Ultrasensitivity Thyroxine 0.844pg/ml 1.406—90pg/ml 96T Competitive $624.00ADD
EM1442 m.VASPIN Visceral Adipose Specific Serine Protease Inhibitor 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1443 m.VE-Cadherin Vascular Endothelial Cadherin 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1444 m.VEGFD Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor D 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1445 m.VEGFR-2/KDR Vascuoar Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor 2 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1446 m.VF Visfatin 0.375ng/ml 0.625—40ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1447 m.VIP Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide 7.5pg/ml 12.5—800pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1448 m.α1-AGP α1-Acid glycoprotein 3.75ng/ml 6.25—400ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1449 m.α1-MG α1-Microglobulin 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM145 m.MSP /MST1 0.156-10ng/ml 96T Inquiry
EM1450 m.α2-PI α2-plasmin inhititor 4.688ng/ml 7.813—500ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1451 m.α-CTx Alpha Crosslaps 46.875pg/ml 78.125—5000pg/ml 96T Competitive $624.00ADD
EM1452 m.α-GST α-glutathione S-transferases 0.375mIU/ml 0.625—40mIU/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1453 m.αHBDH α-Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase 0.047mmol/ml 0.078—5mmol/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1454 m.αMSH Alpha-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1455 m.β-CTx Beta Crosslaps 46.875pg/ml 78.125—5000pg/ml 96T Competitive $624.00ADD
EM1456 m.β-EP Beta-Endorphin 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Competitive $624.00ADD
EM1457 m.β-EPR Beta-Endorphin Receptor 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1459 m.β-Hex A β-hexosaminidase A 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM146 m.Neuropilin-1 0.156-10ng/ml 96T Inquiry
EM1460 m.βMSH beta-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1461 m.β-TG β-Thromboglobulin 4.688pg/ml 7.813—500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1462 m.γMSH gamma-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1463 M.α2-Antiplasmin α2-Antiplasmin $624.00ADD
EM148 m.NGF/NGFβ Nerve growth factor 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM150 m.OPG Osteoprotegerin 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM151 m.OPN Osteopontin 23.438pg/ml 39.063—2500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM153 m.PCSK9 Proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 15.6-1000 pg/ml 96T Inquiry
EM155 m.PECAM-1/CD31 Platelet/Endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule 1 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM157 m.PRGN Progranulin 0.047ng/ml 0.078—5ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM158 m.PRL Prolactin 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM160 m.SELP P-Selectin 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM161 m.PTX3/Pentraxin 3 Pentraxin-related protein PTX3 0.156-10 ng/ml 96T Inquiry
EM163 m.RAN? Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor Kappa B 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM164 m.Rantes Regulated On Activation, Normal T-Cell Expressed and Secreted 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM165 m.RBP4 Retinol Binding Protein 4, Plasma 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM166 m.RXFP1 Relaxin/Insulin Like Family Peptide Receptor 1 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM168 m.RETN Resistin 46.875pg/ml 78.125—5000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM169 m.SAA Serum amyloid A 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM171 m.SCF Stem Cell Factor 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM173 m.SP-D Pulmonary Surfactant Associated Protein D 0.094ng/ml 0.156-10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM174 m.SDF-1 Stromal Cell Derived Factor 1 0.094ng/ml 0.156-10 ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM176 m.TGF-β1 Transforming Growth Factor β1 18.75pg/mL 31.25—2000pg/mL 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM177 m.TGF-β2 Transforming Growth Factor β2 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM178 m.TGF-β3 Transforming Growth Factor β3 15.6-1000 pg/ml 96T $624.00ADD
EM180 m.TIMP-2 Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinase 2 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM181 m.TIMP-4 Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinase 4 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM182 m.TLR2 Toll-like receptor 2 0.312-20 ng/ml 96T Inquiry
EM183 m.TNFα Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $396.00ADD
EM186 m.TNFRSF13C/BAFFR B-Cell Activation Factor Receptor 46.875pg/ml 78.125—5000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM193 m.TNFRSF9/4-1BB Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 9 31.2-2000pg/ml 96T Inquiry
EM194 m.TNFSF11/RANKL Tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 11 15.6-1000 pg/ml 96T Inquiry
EM198 m.TPO Thrombopoietin 4.688pg/ml 7.813—500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM199 m.TREM-1 Triggering Receptor Expresses on Myeloid Cells-1 4.688pg/ml 7.813—500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM201 m.TSLP Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM205 m.VEGF Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM206 m.VEGFR3/FLT4 Vascular Endothelial Cell Growth Factor Receptor 3 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM207 m.WISP1 /CCN4 WNT1-inducible-signaling pathway protein 1 15.6-1000 pg/ml 96T Inquiry
EM208 m.S100A1 S100 Calcium-binding Protein A 1 0.156-10 ng/ml 96T Inquiry
EM209 m.B2m Beta-2-microglobulin 0.312-20 ug/ml 96T $540.00ADD
EM210 m.IgG Immunoglobulin G 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM211 m.IgE Immunoglobulin E 0.469ng/ml 0.781—50ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM212 m.5-LO Arachidonate 5-Lipoxygenase 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM213 m.Alb Serum albumin 1.56-100 ng/ml 96T $540.00ADD
EM215 m.VEGFA Vascular endothelial growth factor A 7.8-500 pg/ml 96T $540.00ADD
EM216 m.VEGFB Vascular endothelial growth factor B 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM217 m.VEGFC Vascular endothelial growth factor C 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM219 m.Cga Glycoprotein hormones alpha chain 3.12-200 uIU/ml 96T Inquiry
EM220 m.Tshβ Thyrotropin subunit beta 0.312-20 mIU/ml 96T Inquiry
EM221 m.Fshb Follitropin subunit beta 0.0156-1 mIU/ml 96T Inquiry
EM222 m.Lhb Lutropin subunit beta 0.312-20 ng/ml 96T Inquiry
EM223 m.BMP-4 Bone morphogenetic protein 4 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM224 m.BMP-7 Bone morphogenetic protein 7 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM225 m.Il-11 Interleukin-11 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM227 m.Cntf Ciliary neurotrophic factor 23.438pg/mL 39.063—2500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM229 m.Sele E-selectin 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM234 m.Hgf Hepatocyte growth factor 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM237 m.Lif Leukemia inhibitory factor 0.078-5 ng/ml 96T Inquiry
EM241 m.MMP-7 Matrix Metalloproteinase 7 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM242 m.MMP-8 Matrix Metalloproteinase 8 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM244 m.Pgf Placenta growth factor 7.5pg/ml 12.5—800pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM248 m.SCFR Mast/stem cell growth factor receptor Kit 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM249 m.TNFRSF1a Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 1A 0.078-5 ng/ml 96T $624.00ADD
EM250 m.TNFRSF1b Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 1B 15.6-1000 pg/ml 96T $624.00ADD
EM253 m.Ahsg Alpha-2-HS-glycoprotein 3.125-200 ng/ml 96T $624.00ADD
EM254 m.Fgf21 Fibroblast growth factor 21 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM260 m.INS Insulin 1.875ng/ml 3.125—200ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM264 m.TIMP-1 Tissue Inhibitors of Metalloproteinase 1 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM265 m.ABCG1 ATP Binding Cassette Transporter G1 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM268 m.Casp3 Caspase-3 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD