ELISA kits

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Catalog No. Name Full Name Sensitivity Range Size Principle Price
EM1115 m.HHIP Hedgehog Interacting Protein 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1117 m.histon-H2b histon-H2b 0.234ng/ml 0.391—25ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1118 m.HJV Hemojuvelin 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1119 m.HK Hexokinase 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM112 m.IL-2 Interleukin 2 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1120 m.HK1 Hexokinase 1 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1122 m.HNF1a Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 1 Alpha 4.688pg/ml 7.813—500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1123 m.HNF1b Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 1 Beta 4.688pg/ml 7.813—500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1124 m.HNF4a Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4 Alpha 23.438pg/ml 39.063—2500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1125 m.HNF6a Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 6 Alpha 23.438pg/ml 39.063—2500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1126 m.HNF6b Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 6 Beta 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1127 m.HNRPA1 Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleoprotein A1 23.438pg/ml 39.063—2500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1128 m.HO-1 Heme Oxygenase 1 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1129 m.HO-2 Heme Oxygenase 2, Decycling 0.375ng/ml 0.625—40ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM113 m.IL-21 Interleukin 21 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1130 m.HP Haptoglobin 46.875ng/ml 78.125—5000ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1133 m.HSF1 Heat Shock Factor 1 0.469ng/ml 0.781—50ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1134 m.HSF2 Heat Shock Transcription Factor 2 4.688pg/ml 7.813—500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1135 m.HSP-27 heat shock protein 27 0.375ng/ml 0.625—40ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1136 m.HSP-60 Heat Shock Protein 60 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1137 m.HSP-70 Heat Shock Protein 70 23.438pg/ml 39.063—2500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1138 m.HSP-90 Heat Shock Protein 90 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1139 m.IAA Insulin Autoantibodies 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM114 m.IL-23 Interleukin 23 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1140 m.IARS Isoleucyl tRNA Synthetase 0.375ng/ml 0.625—40ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1141 m.ICAM-2 intercellular adhesion molecule 2 0.234ng/ml 0.391—25ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1142 m.ICAM-3 intercellular adhesion molecule 3 0.234ng/ml 0.391—25ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1143 m.IDUA α-L-iduronidase 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1144 m.IFABP/FABP2 Intestinal Fatty Acid Binding Protein 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1145 m.IFI16/p16 Interferon-inducible Protein 16 14.063pg/ml 23.438—1500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1146 m.IFN-α Interferon α 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1147 m.IFN-α-Ab Interferon-α Antibody 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1148 m.IFN-β Interferon Beta 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1149 m.IgA Immunoglobulin A 3.75ng/ml 6.25—400ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1150 m.IGFBP-4 Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 4 0.375ng/ml 0.625—40ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1151 m.IGFBP-6 Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 6 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1152 m.IgG1 Immunoglobulin G1 0.469µg/ml 0.781—50µg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1153 m.IgG2a Immunoglobulin G2a 4.688ng/ml 7.813—500ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1154 m.IgG3 Immunoglobulin G3 3.75ng/ml 6.25—400ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1155 m.IgM Immunoglobulin M 18.75ng/ml 31.25—2000ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1156 m.IL-15 Interleukin 15 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1157 m.IL-16 Interleukin 16 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1158 m.IL-18 Interleukin 18 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1159 m.IL18BP Interleukin 18 Binding Protein 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM116 m.IL-3 Interleukin 3 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1160 m.IL-1R1 Interleukin 1 Receptor Type I 56.25pg/ml 93.75—6000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1161 m.IL-24 Interleukin 24 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1162 m.IL-25 Interleukin 25 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1163 m.IL-2R Interleukin-2 Receptor 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1164 m.IL-2sRα/CD25 Soluble Interleukin-2 Receptor Alpha Chain 46.875pg/ml 78.125—5000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1165 m.IL-2sRβ/CD122 Soluble Interleukin-2 Receptor Beta Chain 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1166 m.IL-32 Interleukin 32 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1167 m.IL-34 Interleukin 34 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1168 m.IL-35 Interleukin 35 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1169 m.IL-9 Interleukin 9 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1170 m.IMA Ischemia Modified Albumin 0.469ng/ml 0.781—50ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1171 m.INHA Inhibin A 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1172 m.INHB Inhibin B 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1173 m.INHBP Inhibin Binding Protein 0.469ng/ml 0.781—50ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1174 m.INSL5 Insulin Like Protein 5 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1175 m.INSR-β Insulin Receptor Beta Subunit 0.563ng/ml 0.938—60ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1177 m.iPLA2 Phospholipase A2, Calcium Independent 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1178 m.I-PTH intact Parathormone 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1179 m.I-TAC Interferon Inducible T-Cell Alpha Chemoattractant 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM118 m.IL-33 Interleukin 33 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1180 m.ITLN1 Intelectin 1/Omentin 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1181 m.KARSL Lysyl tRNA Synthetase 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1182 m.LAMP1 Lysosomal Associated Membrane Protein 1 46.875pg/ml 78.125—5000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1183 m.LAT Linker for activation of T cell 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1184 m.LDL Low Density Lipoprotein 4.688ng/ml 7.813—500ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1188 m.LH Luteinizing Hormone 0.281ng/ml 0.469—30ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1189 m.LIFR Leukemia Inhibitory Factor Receptor 18.75pg/ml 31.25—2000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM119 m.IL-4 Interleukin 4 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1190 m.LIPC Lipase, Hepatic 0.234ng/ml 0.391—25ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1192 m.Lp-a Lipoprotein a 0.938ng/ml 1.563—100ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1193 m.Lp-PL-A2 Lipoprotein-associated Phospholipase A2 0.469ng/ml 0.781—50ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1194 m.Lptn/XCL1 Lymphotactin 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1195 m.LT-C4 Leukotriene C4 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1196 m.LTF/LF Lactoferrin 37.5pg/ml 62.5—4000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1197 m.LZM Lysozyme 75pg/ml 125—8000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1198 m.M2-PK Pyruvate Kinase 0.469U/ml 0.781—50U/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1199 m.MAPK P38 P38 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase 0.75ng/ml 1.25—80ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM120 m.IL-5 Interleukin 5 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1200 m.MAP? Microtubule Associated Protein Tau/Tau Protein 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1201 m.MAU Microalbuminuria 0.75µg/ml 1.25—80µg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1202 m.MBP Myelin Basic Protein 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1203 m.MCP-2 Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 2 3.75pg/ml 6.25—400pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1204 m.MCP-3 Monocyte Chemotactic Protein 3 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1206 m.MHB Methemoglobin 46.875pg/ml 78.125—5000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1207 m.MHCI/H-2I Major Histocompatibility ComplexI 4.688pg/ml 7.813—500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1208 m.MIP-1α Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 1 Alpha 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1209 m.MIP-1β Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 1 Beta 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM121 m.IL-6 Interleukin 6 0.188ng/ml 0.313—20ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1210 m.MIP-3α Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 3 Alpha 4.688pg/ml 7.813—500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1211 m.MIP-3β Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 3β 9.375pg/ml 15.625—1000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1212 m.MLCK/MYLK Myosin light chain kinase 14.063pg/ml 23.438—1500pg/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD
EM1213 m.MMP-1 Matrix Metalloproteinase 1 75pg/ml 125—8000pg/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1214 m.MMP-17 Matrix Metalloproteinase 17 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1215 m.MMP-24 Matrix Metalloproteinase 24 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $540.00ADD
EM1216 m.MOG Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein 0.094ng/ml 0.156—10ng/ml 96T Sandwich $624.00ADD