About Us

    US Biomax, Inc. was formed in 2004, specializes in the development, sales and biotechnology services related to tissue samples, mainly tissue arrays or tissue microarrays (TMAs).

    US Biomax, Inc.'s human and animal tissue arrays or tissue miroarrays and tissue sections that can be use in research, routine IHC control and education. To be specific, the tissue microarrays include donor blocks from normal tissues, cancer tissues, and metastatic cancer tissues.

    Furthermore, tissue microarrays contain protein, RNA and DNA molecules, which provide a high-throughput tool for rapid analysis of molecular markers associated with disease diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Some of our tissue microarrays have clinical data, Immunohistochemical staining result. Survival data were added for few of our tissue arrays.

    We also offer H&E high-resolution scanning image that allows customers to see a 100x-400x microscope images as shown on US Biomax, Inc.'s website.