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Heart Tissue Microarray

This H&E stained slide cannot be used for regular IHC/ISH/FISH studies.

If the unstained slide is not available, then it was sold out or discontinued.
Please search for a replacement or contact us for help.
BC30011 Heart tissue array, replaced by BC30013 (previous cat#: CC30-01-001) 20x 34 13 $225 Out of stock  $75 Out of stock  $225 Low stock 
BC30013 Heart disease and normal tissue array, replacing BC30011 10x 36 18 $225 In stock  $75 Out of stock  $225 Low stock 
CV481 Cardiovascular disease tissue array, including TNM and clinical stage 20x 48 24 $210 In stock  - $210 Low stock 
CVD231 Cardiovascular disease tissue array, non-overlapping with CVD481 20x 23 23 $135 In stock  - $135 Low stock 
CVD481 Cardiovascular disease tissue array, no overlapping with CVD231 48 24 $165 Low stock  - $165 Out of stock 
HE1001 Heart disease spectrum (heart tumor progression) tissue array 20x 100 50 $255 In stock  $90 Out of stock  $255 Low stock 
T301 Heart tumor test tissue array, with normal heart tissue, including TNM, clinical stage and pathology grade 40x 24 6 $40 In stock  - $40 Low stock 

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In stock In stock, Low stock Low in stock, Out of stock Out of stock

Tissue Microarray Heading Key
  1. View our high resolution tissue array virtual slide in a new window
  2. Cores: Number of cores a tissue microarray slide contains
  3. Cases: Number of cases a tissue microarray slide contains
  4. Unstained: unstained paraffin or frozen tissue microarray slide.
  5. Trial: tissue microarray trial slide, 10% - 25% of cores missing, good for titrating antibody dilution and experiment conditions. Limited numbers are available, limited to 2 per item per order. Test slides (tissue arrays with catalog numbers ending with 241 or 242) are recommended to substitute the trials.
  6. H & E: Hematoxylin & Eosin stained tissue microarray slide.